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For years as a teenager, when asked to do something that didn’t involve MSN or MySpace, screams of ‘I’ve been at school all day, what have you done? Sat on your arse driving a car all day!’ would have been regularly heard coming from my house. Well my god – may I take this moment to sincerely apologise to my poor Dad. Night Collar directed by Bob Eaton, gives us a snapshot of the average cabbies’ night shift. I can only imagine working this shift has to be as irritating as your Nan trying to have a conversation with you when your hangover is off the scale.

Its Christmas Eve and we’re introduced to the main character. He’s the kind of cabbie that definitely isn’t taking you and your mates on the Maccies run at the end of the night. The one that obliges to the stop off at the shop and at the cash point, but hates every fucking minute of it. Night Collar opens with him pissing against a taxi (yes, it’s going to be a crude one!). Throughout the evening we are introduced to a plethora of characters from a typical Scouse couple having murder to a naked stag. Each one as funny as the next. Apart from the Elvis cabaret act, being chauffeured around intermittently in the taxi and breaking into song mid act – I didn’t quite get Elvis, maybe it’s a generational thing. Saying that the middle-aged women of the audience were tanked up on wine and loving Elvis, he must have always been a real crowd pleaser. Night Collar is full of Scouse humour, its stand-up comedy with a story line.

The Royal Court is the perfect place to go for dinner and a show. The Royal Court reminds me of one of them jazz bars you see on films where you can sit, eat and drink around a table watching a show and I love it! I ordered the steak, salad and new potatoes – I’m trying to get my summer body (be ready by July 2017) – it was divine. Compliments to the chef. I had major food envy as I watched the most delicious food get delivered to the other tables, mountains of fish and chips and a perfectly stacked burger. The venue and play are not only the perfect place for a get together and a show, it would be perfect for a date too. From its romantic low level lighting to its secluded corners (book it lads, major brownie points).

For a play that began in the Playhouse Studio in 1994 it’s doing alright to still be making people laugh. Which demonstrates the hard work and commitment of Bob Eaton the director and co.’s efforts to keep the play current and relatable to the audience. No matter where you’re from if you get scouse humour then you’re going to love it.

So my advice to all of you looking for a catch up with friends, a first date, a night out or just simply a laugh, is go! Go and see it! It will be the best ab work out you’ve had in ages!

Night Collar is on at The Royal Court from 15th May until 13th June



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