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Most people will have probably heard of Tangle Teezers and if you haven’t, you should have.

Now that I’ve got 22” extensions I find the amount of time I have to dedicate to keeping them looking amazing has increased along with the length.  Once you’ve forked out a small fortune on the hair of your dreams the last thing you want to do is wreck it trying to comb the tats out. I swear by Tangle Teezers.

They have a growing collection and limited edition & kids ranges and my own personal collection is growing fast. I have the elite salon teezer in hot pink which is used in high end hairdressers. I have the compact one in metallic gold which is amazing for popping in your bag on a night out. Then I have the aqua version which is great for combing wet hair and for at the beach on holiday (that’s my fave, it’s easiest to hold).


The flexible bristles mean that they work through the tats without catching and dragging half your hair out. It’s definitely less painful. I’ve heard of many people who swear by using them on their daughters for less tears after bathtime. I still to this day remember the torture of my mum ragging my hair everywhere after washing.

The tangle teezers are available from loads of places like Boots etc or you can buy them from the internet. They’re about a tenner which is the cost of a good hairbrush anyway.


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