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A good set of eyebrows are really one of the defining features of a Scouse bird. The difference a well defined, manicured brow can make to your face is genuinely unbelievable.

A lot of Scouse bird problems stem from eyebrows in general, are they wonky? Have they smudged? Have they sweated off? Are they in general a fuckin show? So naturally I’d been considering a more permanent solution; tattooed brows. It’s not a decision I entered into lightly, after all if they get TATTOOED on wonky or a show you’re stuck with them for about 5 years. No one needs that hassle.

I’d looked through pictures of several different salons, had HD brows done a couple of times to experiment with what I liked & didn’t like and ummed and ahhhed for a long time about whether I wanted feathered or block effect.

The end result was that although feathered brows look extremely natural, on a daily basis I colour block my brows in anyway so really, would I be any better off getting feathered ones than I am now? No.

Researching different salons and looking at examples of their work I finally narrowed it down to only 2 places I would even consider. I ended up going with Blushious (now renamed Malinki). I’d spoken to Hayley a few times after going for the shrinking violet body wraps so we’d had a few chats about shape and colour until I was happy. Sophie who’d been doing my HD brows now works there too and her seal of approval went a long way!

The day finally arrived (after a successful behind the ear patch test) and Hayley spent a good 30 mins measuring and pencilling on my would be new brow shape to ensure I was happy. Turns out my brows were naturally wonky (who knew) so she even raised my right brow slightly (I’ve got so much more room for smokey eyes now!). I was alarmed at first by how big the outline looked but she explained she’d be tattooing within these outlines not actually on them – PHEW – panic over! She administered numbing cream and let it soak in and work for about half an hour. Then it was crunch time.

The first pass where the skin was first broken is the worst bit, after that the numbing cream can get deeper down. The right side hurt more than the left (she said its something to do with pain receptors in the brain) but neither side was horrific and after the first pass I couldn’t really feel anything anyway. She used circular motions with the needle to give the brows more of a powdered effect so they wouldn’t be as severe as fully blocked brows. The actual tattooing took about 40 mins.

Afterwards she gave me leaflets to take away and fully explained all the aftercare then booked me in for a 6 week top up/check.

They looked AMAZING. For about 24-48hrs after I did feel like I had really bad sunburn on my eyebrows like but after that I was fine. It’s taken about a week for them to heal properly. Honestly I’m so happy I made the decision to have them done, they are amazing. Even going to the gym make up free isn’t traumatic anymore, and waking up in the morning sans make up doesn’t knock me as violently ill when I catch a glimpse of my reflection. They are fantastic. My mum and my bezzie mate are already signed up to get theirs done after seeing mine.

She’s got an offer on til the end of June to do the Wow brows for £199 after that they go back up to £350 xx blogger-image-550511337-4571521


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