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You often get people from other parts of the country sneering when you mention Liverpool as being a fashion forward city. Sneer away but I’ve been out in London; they dress like tramps whereas Scousers, especially the female variety have a passion for fashion which bleeds into all areas of their lives. We’re very fortunate in this city to have a range of talented fashion designers who have helped create a ‘look’ or ‘brand’ for Scouse girls which is glitzy and glamorous. I recently met with an interesting, edgy designer named Ben Mak who is going against the grain and doing something completely different. I would describe his designs as couture and say that while there’s no one out there quite like him, the most similar comparison you can make is Vivienne Westwood. Watch this space because I’m convinced he’s going places. I was dying to interview him for my blog and here’s what he had to say:

How would you describe your brand?

I would describe my brand as edgy, empowering, and daring

How did you get started?

I wanted to make clothes because my friend was always making her own and I would always get a massive cob on!  So my mum bought me a sewing machine and I started experimenting, I got my own shop when I was 19, toned my own style down and translated it into my designs.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

I tend not to look at other designers work as I don’t want to be influenced, I want my designs to be organic, I am often compared to Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, which is flattering, out of respect I would never try to imitate or be them. I just seem to have similar cuts and shapes to them. I found a photo once and I thought it was my own dress! It was Vivienne Westwood’s.

Tell us about your autumn winter collection.

My Autumn winter collection…like all my designs, I like to power dress women, I also want my collections to radiate a quality were people stare at them, in a good way though, I like my designs to capture the imagination and attention of others; like admiring art.

 What sets you apart from other local designers?

I think with me, I don’t necessarily make clothes to look good, or pretty, I want them to empower, live and come alive on the bodies of their owner. It’s like an exoskeleton, may my designs protect them as the wearer now seems so untouchable to others and at one with herself, or attracts like-minded people equalling a pure powerful resonance.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I see myself doing big catwalk performances around the world, magnifying my abundance of designs with feelings, imagination and emotions,
I would hope to be like Alex Polizzi (from the hotel inspector haha), who is hired because as she knows her stuff and can make businesses work, OK I could of said like Simon Cowell and the Xfactor, or Alexander McQueen helping Givenchy but hey ho, be original.

Give me 3 facts about “Ben Mak”

Follows the number 9 (and got a penthouse suite in London for free because of it icon_wink-5288910

Loves hands

Has tried cat biscuits.

Good luck Ben you total star! See you on the Paris catwalks soon! You can have a look at more of Ben’s designs/art at

ps How were the cat biscuits??


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