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There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and dreading having to find something to wear. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with your clothes- especially with your everyday outfits. Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore, and there are some small changes you could make to take your outfits from drab to glam.

Swerve The Jeans

Not forever. Just sometimes. Jeans are a classic staple and have been for about a million years, but I find I tend to get more compliments on an outfit when I’m wearing a pair of wide leg trousers or culottes, probably just because they look a bit different. The mad thing is, they’re so much comfier AND you can lash them on with a nice t-shirt and a pair of trainers and still look glam! Effortless style and comfort in one baggy pair of kecks that won’t require you to undo your top button if you scran too hard at lunchtime.


Very Mustard Trousers (Pictured below) 

Missguided Premium Crepe Wide Leg Trousers, £32

Foot-Friendly Heels (That Aren’t Kitten Heels)

I am a self-professed heels addict. In my teens I lived in a pair of massive platform heel boots that I wore everywhere; shopping, for uni- you name it. A few years on and I’m suffering the consequences with a damaged tendon under my foot that makes even walking on hard flooring barefoot uncomfortable. The doctor ordered some (very weird) foot stretches, and that I take a lot more care with my choice of footwear. Thankfully, platforms are a bit last year now and lately it seems to be all about trainers, because let’s face it- we’re busy gals with shit to do. Heels are however, an easy way to make even the most casual outfits a bit dressier. If you do still enjoy a few extra inches (tehe) to glam up an outfit, put your best foot forward and go for a practical pair that won’t utterly cripple you. Transform your wardrobe with a pair of shoe boots with a nice comfy block heel, or a fab pair of mules- like these beauties from Missguided (pictured below). If you’re tempted to buy kitten heels tho, just stick to trainers OK?  


Accessories are the little details that make your outfit look that little bit more polished, and the good news is you don’t need to spend a fortune if you don’t want to. Costume jewellery works fine when chosen carefully. It may be poorer quality and not last as long, but it’s more than likely that by the time they start to look a bit tired, you’ll be bored of wearing them anyway and can look for something new. If you do fancy a splurge though, invest in dainty and understated necklaces and rings that you can build up over time to layer and stack- timeless pieces that you won’t go off quickly.


These necklaces are a bargain at £8 ASOS DESIGN Vintage style multirow necklace   

Or treat yourself Mimi Evil Eye Necklace, £70 Astley Clarke

Shop Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

  Black is by far my favourite colour. I still probably wear it about 80% of the time, but adding a splash of colour or the odd print here and there is a great way to transform your wardrobe, especially now that Summer is upon us. Everyone has their own personal style, and there are just certain things that we feel more comfortable wearing- but why not add that top that you think is fab, but are a bit unsure about- to your basket next time you’re on an ASOS binge, just to try? You may surprise yourself, and worst comes to worst you can send it back (before you even see the money leave your account with the Klarna buy now pay later app)… or lash it on Ebay. Fezzy season is always a good time to go bold, I’m loving the girly western styles that are flitting about this season: polka dots, latticed corset tops, florals and lots of frills!

There’s no such thing as ‘over-dressed’

I would always rather be over-dressed than under-dressed. Don’t be afraid to wear skirts and dresses during the daytime if you’re comfortable to do so. Dressier items of clothing can quite easily be ‘dressed down’ to fit your everyday wardrobe. Why not try that dress you’d thought only suitable for a night out with a pair of trainers and see how it works? Or dress down a more formal skirt by tucking a t-shirt into it? In a world where some people refuse to re-wear an outfit they’ve already been snapped wearing on Instagram, transform your wardrobe by re-working it into something more wearable for the daytime. Be a Lizzie McGuire in a world of non-outfit repeaters. It’s allowed. 

Dress – Warehouse


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