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Okay okay, they’re all full of sugar, but lolly ices are a basic human right in the summer. Here’s some of the best ones under 100 calories that wont be too harsh on your summer body regimen.

Solero –

94 calories. Mango and ice cream, it’s the perfect refreshing summer pick me up for the 3pm office slump,

Fab –

90 calories. After all, what else is a full time fabhead supposed to eat?

Del Monte Orange –

65 calories. No mess, this is actually one of your 5 day!

Fruit Pastille lolly ice –

61 calories. Definitely the Gretchen to the Fab’s Regina George, the fruit pastille lolly is one of the holy trinity of summer ice based snacks. The third being the Twister, obv.

Mini Twister –

45 calories. It’s fit, it’s low in calories, it’s a classic

Mini Calippo –

75 calories. These are the perfect summer treat for those with xylophobia aka a fear of wooden object (lolly ice sticks) trust me, it’s a real thing. P.s. Did anyone else always think these were called a Calypso? No? Just me?

Mr Freeze –

ONLY 14 CALORIES! Whatever you call these; frozies, ice pops, freeze pops or some other weird name you’ve come up with you can’t beat them for value for money, calorie content and nostalgia value of spending the rest of your dinner money on one in the newsagents after school…

There you have it, guilt free frozen pleasure…



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