Scouse Bird Problems – Every princess needs her Crown Jewels

Posted On: 12/12/2014

By: Scouse Bird

Every princess needs her Crown Jewels. Costume jewellery from Primark and River Island is all well and good but by the time you’ve hit your late 20’s you should have collected at least a couple of pieces of jewellery that your grandchildren will one day be eyeing up for when you pop your clogs. 

Most of the ‘nice’ pieces you’ll have will hold a strong sentimental value. There could be a necklace from your parents when you turned 21 or, like me, a Tiffany heart bought from 5th Avenue New York. If you’ve been lucky enough to find a gobshite you can tolerate then you might even have a sparkler of a ring on your left hand.

Because of this sentimental link, the experience of buying jewellery is important. You want to feel valued, you want to feel special, basically you want to feel as valuable as the jewellery itself. Where should you buy your gems from then? Hidden gem Mococo has the answer…

Founded a few years ago by a woman who had years of experience working for Boodles (and we all know that a shop with a bouncer on the door has to be pretty special), Mococo’s philosophy is to bring the luxury of the traditional fine jewellery shops to the average princess on the street. Jewellery buying should be an emotional experience no matter how much wedge you pick up at the end of the month.

You can sip on champagne while the assistants pick out pieces of jewellery to showcase to you while you sit back on your throne (just a chair, but hey, when you’re a princess every chair is a throne and every person is a subject). When I got my new rose gold Thomas Sabo bracelet and charms there I felt like absolute royalty (Thomas Sabo stuff, so hot right now by the way). They even have a range of affordable engagement and wedding rings which come completely devoid of the stigma of Argos. 

They also stock a full range of Pandora charms so you can swerve the round the block queues in Liverpool One Pandora shop and get your Xmas trinkets in style in The Met Quarter or shop online at

As an added bonus, The Met Quarter have the best toilets in Liverpool and the quietest. That’s my best kept secret for you 😉


Scouse Bird

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