Scouse Bird Problems – Long Live The High Waisted Jean!

Posted On: 05/06/2015

By: Scouse Bird

The high waisted jean is a girl’s best friend. HWJ be like, “What are you worrying about muffin top for? I got your back, I’ll give you a well defined waist instead.” Flashing your worst period knickers when you bend over ain’t gonna happen either. I saw enough stranger’s thongs from 2001 to 2005 to last me a life time.

On a trip to London this week I heard a vicious and terrifying rumour that catwalk designers are trying to make low rise jeans a thing again. What? LRJ are the worst invention ever to happen to womankind. They only look good if you have a short torso and a body fat percentage of 3% or less… and even then border ridiculous. Why you do this designers? LRJ’s have got no chill.


come on Kiera, if you hadn’t had a wax, we’d all know about it

Let’s just thank our lucky stars we have Kim Kardashian now. Her body shape (along with 90% of the planet) doesn’t lend itself to the LRJ. While she and Kanye may have been described as fashion victims in the past I think this is one trend she won’t succumb to and while she’s sticking to her HWJ guns, the world will stick with her.

To celebrate the wonder that is high waisted jeans I’ve been having a look online for who has the best range right now and Miss Pap have got quite the selection.

Here’s my pick of the crop:


Heather white high-waisted jeans £24.99 Miss Pap – these have got summer written all over them. Team with a bright top and accessories… just don’t spill anything!


If you fancy a light summer jean but white just ain’t for you then these light wash high waisted jeans £24.99 are perfect. These would look fab with ice cream hues.

Rock the bad girl look (and simultaneously make your arse look amazing) in these PU leather look high waisted jeans £24.99. These are the perfect night time jeans so whack on a pair of heels and show the world how well squats are working out for you

These are your ‘go with anything’ wardrobe saviour. Great for summer, winter, dressing up, dressing down, bright colours, monochrome, pastels – you name it you can wear it with them. Available from Miss Pap for £24.99

Jessica high waisted jeans £24.99- these are perfect for cocktails with the girls and eyeing up the fellas. Have a bit of a flirt and flash some leg without really flashing anything at all…

These dark denim high waisted jeans are a real wardrobe staple – never have anything to wear? You do now. These are my favourite for this reason AND only £24.99 from Miss Pap 

Long Live The High Waisted Jean!


Scouse Bird

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