Scouse Bird Problems – Miss Pap: The new boutique on the block

Posted On: 30/07/2014

By: Scouse Bird

There’s a new boutique I’m seeing all over my timeline; Miss Pap. With over 10k followers on Instagram and growing fast I decided to speak to the owners of the next big thing in the world of boutiques and find out what makes Miss Pap so special.

How did the Miss Pap brand start?

Miss Pap started from having shops on the high street called Paparazzi, seven in total across Merseyside & Lancashire [ah yes, I’ve seen them], before the website. Due to the way the market was changing we have grown to develop the business online as we know this is the future.

What sets you apart from other boutiques?

We have a great price point and we have the latest trends added daily. “Tomorrows fashion today” is our tagline.

What are your plans for Miss Pap? 

We want to increase our product range and variety of stock, raise our brand awareness and widen our customer base. It’s our plan to take Miss Pap international too.

What is a Miss Pap girl like? 

A Miss Pap girl has the eye for upcoming trends and loves fashion. Fun, fashion-forward, trend watcher.

What’s your favourite item on the Miss Pap website right now and why?

Our lace bralets are our fave at the moment. They come in 4 colours and at only £14.99 are very popular!!

Hmmm yes they are fit, now if only i could stop eating pizza long enough to look good wearing one! My own personal favourites on the site are these fruity 2 pieces; so nice for summer holidays and shopping round Liverpool One during our 3 days of summer.

You can visit the Miss Pap website by clicking here – and you can find them on all social media under MissPap.


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