Scouse Bird Problems – Moschino goes Scouse

Posted On: 20/09/2014

By: Nancy Buckland

Anyone who knows anything about the history of Scouse fashion knows that Moschino is held very closely to our hearts. It landed on our shores along with the other Italian greats Versace, Armani and Dolce and Gabanna to add a touch of Italian glitz to our already glam heritage. Prada got a warm reception: OK for your fella’s belts and shoes, not so much for us with the clumpy heels and wooly socks.

Under the stewardship of Franco Moschino, the label was a riot of colour and humour. It was a label that was purely for fun – there was no standing around in it trying to look like a serious fashion hitter. Haute couture houses were up in arms, but Scouse birds were at one with their Mosk-ee-nnoo. As a junior Scouse bird you had to have at least a belt, and then you progressed up to bag and hopefully a dress if you hit Wade Smith sale on the last day………

After the death of Franco Moschino, the brand did tend to lose its way and labels such asMissoni and Gucci walked a more subtle, if still colourful path. If you have ever been to Italy you will feel at one on the streets of Milan. To say the natives primp, preen and parade is an understatement.

Under Brit-bad boy Jeremy Scott the last few seasons at Moschino have seen a return to form. However, today at Milan Fashion Week, Scott paid us a huge compliment by sending out the ultimate in Scouse style. Actually, he referenced Barbie, which is fair enough for the rest of the world, but we know Jeremy was giving us his very reverent seal of approval. The hair was big, the heels were high, there was a lot of pink, luggage that is begging for a trip to Ibiza, suits that were meant for Aintree, and some poolside beauties which, to be quite fair, deserve an outing in Las Vegas.

Everything we have seen at the three Fashion Weeks so far was negated. So the models weren’t exactly over-curvy, but there was no slouching, no dirty roots, no scuba sandals, and nothing that had any type of relationship with grunge. To be frank, Cara and Kate wouldn’t have got cast – too London-y, too cool, not enough chutzpah.

At times like these we need a bit of glamour. We need to dress up, get up, go out and live. We don’t want too moch about in culottes and clunky boots with greasy roots and a pallid cheek.Today’s show was all about what Scousce birds would wear if they became Victoria’s Secret models: there would be no dressing down, no off-duty ripped denim.

So thank you, Jeremy, for nodding to us as you pass. Moschino will always be the most playful Italian label, and they do say Italians do it better. Well , today, they did it best of all, because their homage to our state of style will be one to remember for some time to come.

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