Scouse Bird Problems – Wear a little piece of Bali

Posted On: 28/01/2015

By: Scouse Bird

The world is a beautiful place – whether you’re looking up at a starry sky, walking along an unspoilt beach or gazing out on the twinkling lights of a city you can have your breath taken away by the most wonderful things. 

Chlobo is a new range of affordable, stylish jewellery by english jewellery designer Chloe Moss, already worshipped by celebrities. The lucky lady spent most of her childhood on the island of Barbados and at 21 went island hopping around the world before falling head over heels for Bali. (So jealous, I will get there one day!) Her entire jewellery range, which is available from Victoria Highfield, is inspired by the island.

My favourite piece is the star drop earring set, could the inspiration for them have come from a shooting star? They’re so delicate and you can tell straight away they’re really good quality plus silver is a classic, it goes with anything. I can definitely imagine these with a hair up and a plain black dress or a floaty maxi dress in the summer. J’adore Chlobo.


Victoria Highfield is a jewellery company with over 34 years of experience, you can buy branded jewellery such as Chlobo but they also offer a bespoke design and repair service with expertly handpicked jewels AND free next day delivery on orders over £100. I hear Valentines Day just around the corner…


Scouse Bird


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