Scouse Bird Problems – 10 Reasons Why North Wales Is Boss

Posted On: 02/06/2015

By: Scouse Bird

I’ve just returned from a weekend away in Presthaven Sands Holiday Park in North Wales and I felt all wistful about how this beauty spot is right on our doorstop and it doesn’t get nearly enough love.

Here’s 10 reasons why North Wales is boss

It’s close – which means it’s the perfect destination for a last minute getaway. You can sit in the office, fed up on Friday at 3pm and decide that you want to jib your life off for the weekend and you’ll be on the road by 5pm. It’s basically an hours drive from Liverpool and you can actually see Moel Famau from Kirkdale on a clear day. If you never climbed Moel Famau when you were a kid then I’m proper sorry about your childhood. Which leads me nicely on to my next point…

Nostalgia – Whether it’s a day out in Anglesey, a trip to a castle or sticking your head in the smallest house in Great Britain (your head is pretty much all that fits unless you’re 8 years old) we’ve all been to North Wales at some point in our childhood and the trip down memory lane game is strong.

It’s cheap. No plane fares or fancy hotels needed. You can pack your tent or even better rent a caravan for the weekend – the caravan we stayed in was actually nicer (and bigger) than a lot of houses. Ours had a fully fitted kitchen and an en suite bathroom in the master bedroom.

Home comforts. You won’t have to deal with roaming charges on your phone or a supermarket that only sells “Les Cadbury’s Fingeres” – you’ll find everything you can in your local Asda. Presthaven even has a Burger King, a Papa Johns, a chippy, a Spar and a Wetherspoons style pub on the holiday site. Papa John’s deliver straight to your caravan in a little smart car. It’s boss.

It’s a home away from home. You can buy a caravan and pay it off monthly (or in one go if you’re flush) and every weekend and half term can be a holiday – after all, it’s only an hour away. You’ll never guess who else has bought one…

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Coleen Rooney and her family have just bought a caravan in Presthaven – she’s not soft.

Castles. It’s got arguably the best preserved Medieval castle in the UK – Conwy castle. it’s only £6 to go round the castle (and even less for kids) and it’s a boss day out, climbing towers with beautiful views of the bay (spelt as bae in Welsh – Wales is bae) and seeing how kings once lived. Then a short walk away is the smallest house in Great Britain – you have to see it to believe how tiny it is…

The food. A portion of chips and an ice cream just tastes better when you’re walking along the harbour dodging seagulls.

Health. Unlike an all inclusive trip to Mexico, Wales doesn’t have to make you fat. When you’re camping, you can cook healthy meals – ish. To be honest, when you’re staying in a tent, making anything more complex than a pot noodle becomes a challenge but if you’re in a static caravan you can whip up any meal that you can at home. Not to mention walks along the beach (or jogging in the sand dunes if you’re really hardcore) and climbing castles and mountains. Presthaven even has these little pedal go-karts you can hire to get around the holiday park – we saw mums and dads cycling them with their kids strapped in the front – dead cute. And eco friendly of course.

It’s perfect for everyone. Whether you want to take the family away, get some alone time, have some romantic time with your partner or have a piss up with friends for the weekend; Wales is made for you.

Wales is bae.

To book Presthaven or enquire about buying a caravan visit here. A word of warning though – we had a box of Cadburys Fingers and while I was in the shower my fella said a raccoon broke in, ate them all and then hid the box down the side of the couch. Apart from the raccoon problem though, Presthaven is boss – thumbs up from me.


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