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Valentines Day! Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no stopping how quickly it’s approaching Every year the presents seem to get pricier and in these Brexit times, you’d think we’d all be looking for cheaper options and yet there seems to be a universal hatred of cheesy, cliché Valentines Day gifts and I feel like I just need to tell you all that they’re not overrated and this is why.

Heart shaped Chocolates

Does anyone remember that Budweiser advert where the wife spends ages looking for a card for her husband and he just picks up some random shite from the petrol station and calls it a day but she proper loves it? That is exactly what TV shows do to the idea of chocolates in a heart shaped box, making them seem cheap and last minute. If I’m being honest I’ve never received a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart before and I think I’d be proper made up if someone bought one for me, it’s cutesy and cheesy in all the right ways plus it’s full of chocolate.. so if you do pick one of these for a loved one this year @ me so we can be friends. 


Roses are always going to be associated with Valentines Day, thats a given. But what I don’t understand is why people think flowers as a gift is overrated. If somebody cares enough to turn up with your favourite flowers and a card then you’re onto a winner there even if they have just forgotten all about Valentines Day and made a panic dash all the way to the florist. Not everything has to be a super magical gesture, just coming home with a gorge bouquet of flowers is just the cutest thing. If you really want to put some extra thought into it, different flowers have different meanings. For example, here’s what sending yellow flowers means.

Teddy Bears 

If you’re as obsessed with The Office US as I am, then you’ll definitely remember the Valentines Day episode where Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration gets Phyllis a Teddy Bear like three times her size, I’m tellin’ ya, that guy knows how to live his best life. There is nothing cuter than an “I Love You” Teddy Bear from your fella. Even if you reckon you don’t like them anymore (you’re lying by the way) it’s just so sweet to have a cuddly little reminder on the end of the bed everyday (the Teddy, not your fella..).

A Quiet Night in

For some couples, the idea of going out for a romantic meal on Valentines Day itself is just a horrifying thought. Having to book months in advance, coming home from work and getting all dolled up, then having it be so busy and noisy with a set menu that has a shit vegetarian option.. sometimes it’s just not worth the hassle. Instead you should order a chippy and make yourself a film night box. Get snacks, drinks, crack out the Netflix account and throw on some fluffy jammies. Perfection. 

Personalised Cards

Valentines Cards are SO underrated these days, If you or your partner aren’t the “present type” but still want something to show appreciation for each other, then personalised valentines day cards are always such a sweet way to tell someone you love them. Even if it’s just a nice little verse with their name on it, a storybook of your relationship or a blank canvas to tell them how much they mean to you, cards are definitely the way to go. 

So there you go, Cliché gifts that aren’t overrated. I know a lot of people think Valentines Day is too commercialised and think that they don’t need one day a year to remind their other half how much they love them.. I totally get that and it’s true you should always appreciate the love of your life as much as you can everyday of the year, but it’s always fun to go a bit Bob Vance every 14th February. Why the fuck not?!


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