Scouse Bird Problems – 5 Reasons To Love Being A Scouse Feminist

Posted On: 09/08/2015

By: Faye McGuire

Feminism is for man-hating lesbians who don’t shave their legs right? Wrong. Feminism is a movement for gender equality socially, politically and economically or it can sometimes be described as a movement fighting for gender justice. It’s so relevant today for us Scousers because, for example 36% of people in the UK believe that a woman should be held wholly or partly responsible for being sexually assaulted or raped if she was drunk and 26% believe this if she was in public wearing sexy or revealing clothes. (UK Feminista, 2015).

Intersectional (stay with me, it’s a mouthful I know) Feminism is important to me. Feminists come from all walks of life whether they are black, transgender, LBGTQIA+, gender non-binary- the list goes on. But one important intersection for me is being scouse. Scouse women are their own brand who do things differently and that’s what makes us fab!

As a feminist I care about gender equality and as a Scouser I care about eyebrows, Maccies, pornstar martinis and pin curls- so how can I be both? Here is what is important to me, how I keep it feminist and how you can too.

1.    My eyebrows matter

My eyebrows are a constant battle and I can never get them like the make-up artist from MAC. Some people think that you can’t wear make-up and care about your appearance if you’re a feminist. WRONG. What’s important in this debate is that it’s your choice. If you want to wear make-up because it makes you feel good then-BOSS. You can be a feminist and use your eyebrow kit to your hearts content. But, if you wear make-up because your fella says you look vile without it then it’s not a feminist choice; it’s a lad who needs to jog on.


2.  I love getting my legs out

Whether it’s a mad night out in town or a quiet drink in Crosby I love wearing short dresses or skirts. I don’t wear them because I want Men to look at me, I wear them because it makes me feel amazing. If men find this as an opening to objectify or street call then that’s called sexual harassment and we need to challenge this! I want to live in a world where I can wear what I want without being called a slut or getting judged because I don’t fit the beauty standard to be wearing a short skirt. I wear it with pride because it’s my choice and I love my legs. Oo-er, i’m feeling confident today aren’t I!


3.    Stuffing my face with Maccies on a Sunday is my ritual

My fella has abs and it makes me sick because he eats like a horse. My stomach isn’t toned but, so what I love food and I love maccies especially the morning after a mad night out. Those breakfasts are a magical cure sent from heaven. Ay do you reckon you could pay a delta to pick up a maccies for you- just a thought? The patriarchy doesn’t show us this image in the media unless it is for comic affect for us to laugh at ‘the fat girl’. Eat your maccies if you want to, it doesn’t affect your personality.


4.  Pin Curls save my life

Literally, how did we survive without pin curls? It’s essential for a night out that I get my hair done that morning so I can go shopping in Liverpool One for last minute accessories and get a caramel latte to give me the energy to do my nails. Some lads think pin curls look ridiculous, well news flash- I am not getting them for you, I’m getting them so I feel like a goddess tonight and hit the Instagram game.

5.  Pornstar Martinis are my drug of choice

What is better than a cocktail filled with passionfruit and a side of prosecco? NOTHING. The name of the drink is probably something you might think a feminist wouldn’t drink because of the negative connotations the porn world holds for women. But guess what, you can be a pornstar and a feminist- If you feel sexually liberated and it was your choice, well go for it! So, I will drink my tasty cocktail and not be ashamed of asking out loud for a pornstar whilst dancing like I’m J-Lo because when I’m drunk I think it’s a dead good idea.


You’re probably wondering why I find it so important to think about feminism in my scouse habits and loves. It’s because identifying as a feminist has a responsibility that I don’t take lightly. Feminism is a movement, and although the recent popularity of the word fueled by the likes of Taylor Swift and THE QUEEN Beyoncé, it’s not just about liking the idea of equality it’s seeing the word as a verb. Let me be clear- I am not the perfect feminist. I watch reality shows that perpetuate sexism but the important thing is that I’m aware, I’m analysing and most days I’m trying to be a better feminist. If you want to identify as a feminist that’s fab, but it’s not a trend, it needs critical thinking, self-reflection and WORK. But if there is something I know about Scousers it’s that we are strong and together we are stronger so join the movement and wave that feminist flag high!


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