Scouse Bird Problems – 5 Reasons Why a Female Only Gym is the Future

A few years ago I thought there was an argument that you could be sexist towards men. I also thought that eating a Rustlers burger that had only been cooked for 50 seconds in the microwave, rather than the recommended 75, because I was pissed and impatient was wise. To cut a long story short, I was an idiot.

Luckily, I’ve grown the hell up; I no longer give myself food poisoning with food purchased from a late night garage and I know that when men moan about Loose Women ‘objectifying’ blokes it isn’t exactly sexism and the patriarchy is still very much alive and well.

So, you can imagine my excitement when I, a self confessed full time angry feminist, got an invite to the opening of a female only gym. I could already hear the cries from whiney meninists – “Can you imagine if we opened a Male only health centre?!? Outrageous!”

I RVSP’d yes quicker than when men on the internet can type “But when is it International Men’s Day?!?!” on Twitter March 8th every year. (It’s November 19th btw, lads)

So, where is this haven free from men coming over to give you unsolicited advice about how to lift weights is I hear you cry? Well, located in Hatton Garden, opposite The Richmond Hotel, Nourish gym and health centre is the former home to the Olympus gym. The woman behind the concept, Grace McGinnis, had a vision of creating a space that brings everything under one roof, giving members a unique experience and, after an exclusive look round at Friday night’s opening, I can confirm she has achieved her goal. Spas, saunas, treatment rooms, studios, state of the art gym equipment, nutrition plans – Nourish has got the lot and all with an exclusive, VIP edge.

Here are 5 reasons why female only gyms are a God send and you should make the switch from your testosterone filled centre and sign up to Nourish instead.

1.Females First

Without having to worry about what will appeal to both sexes, Nourish is free to focus all their energy on how to create the perfect experience for their female clients. They’ve not only got all your workout needs covered with their state of the art gym and studio, but they also have the facilities for spa treatments and stations available for freelance make-up artists and hairdressers. You can go in, get your sweat on and leave with a curly blow and full face ready for night out where you undo all the good work you did on the treadmill earlier.

2. A Safe Space

My experiences with gyms have always been a love/hate affair – mainly the fact I love working out but hate feeling self conscious. While I’m not saying my male fellow gym goers are to blame for this, it is mainly my own anxieties, it doesn’t help matters when you’re trying to pluck up the courage to use kettle bells in a room full of muscular body builder type blokes; feeling like they’re judging your technique. For me personally, working out in an all female environment certainly makes me feel more comfortable and confident.

Not only that, Nourish are working closely with the Muslim community in order to provide a space for all women to feel totally respected and relaxed. The entire space is underground so privacy levels and the club operates an all female staff policy that increases comfort levels.

With 2016 being an absolute shit show of a year, it’s refreshing to see something positive and progressive being in place to benefit all women.

3. It Gives Back

Not only are Nourish looking to improve the lives of their clients, they’re also looking to help the local community with charity work. Every three months a portion of their profits will go towards hosting a respite spa day for local females who deserve some love. Members & local charities will nominate females that are in need in order for them to be entirely pampered in the gorgeous club. So when your direct debit leaves your account each month, and you’ve been spending less time working out and more time on the sofa binge watching Netflix, you’ll at least be able to console yourself with the fact you’re paying into a good cause. Not that will happen of course; with only around 200 memberships available, signing up to Nourish also means signing up to the owner giving you a call if you skip a good few days. Whether she does house calls and physically drags you out of bed to make your 6am session is yet to be confirmed.

4. Friendship

As you get older, it becomes harder and harder to meet new friends. You might find yourself not having much in common with your schoolmates as you grow up and your interests change and once you’ve graduated university or been travelling, just where are you meant to meet new girlfriends – Is there a Tinder style app for mates? Are you meant to start socialising with the people who do your head in at work 9-5 five days a week? No thanks.

With Nourish being an exclusive female only space, you’ll get to know your gym buddies and may well make yourself a new BBF for healthy post workout smoothies and gossiping. After all, you’re going to have at least one thing in common – fantastic taste in health centres.

5. It Pisses off Meninists

And finally, my personal favourite reason – female only gyms piss off the exact kind of whiney babies it’s so amusing to see annoyed. “Can you imagine the uproar if I was to open a gym that didn’t allow women as members?!” your uncle furiously updates his Facebook status to. “It’s political correctness gone mad. I’m gonna open one up myself you know! Middle aged white men are the new minority and I’m not having it.” Your aunt’s going to have to take away his internet privileges soon, isn’t she?

In all seriousness, the reason there’s never a male only gym opening it’s doors is because there’s no market for it. Men aren’t intimidated by women in the weights rooms. Men don’t feel uncomfortable or self conscious working out in front of leering blokes* at times. Men don’t feeler safer working out without the opposite sex around. Men aren’t sick to death of having to say “Yes, I know how to work this machine thank you” at least once a session.

In conclusion, your angry uncle doesn’t have a viable business plan and should stick to sharing Lad Bible videos on Facebook instead.

*I know, I know – #NotAllMen


Membership ranges from £57.00 per month (rolling contract) to £115.00 for an exclusive package that includes in house discounts, complimentary refreshments, priority booking for classes and treatments and free passes for a friend.

For more information about Nourish’s services and prices, you can visit their website HERE.


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