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As I’ve already mentioned in the Three Life Stages Of Enjoying Christmas, the first one is clearly the best. Here’s a trip down memory lane to see the 80’s and 90’s Christmas Presents You’ve Forgotten all about.

Some of these you can even still buy! (I’ve popped the links in).

I talk about things I love. I’m registered as an affiliate marketer so that means that sometimes I’ll earn a commission on my recommendations XOXO Steph Bannister 

80’s and 90’s Christmas Presents You’ve Forgotten all about.

Sure it’s anything but fashionable in this gender neutral toy world we’re living in today but Fashion Wheel was amazing. Whether it was all about hats and tailored trouser suits or you were a bit extra and stuck every one of your fashion models in a full ball gown, you could guarantee hours of fun.

. Honestly, this was the hardest game ever. I actually think I’d struggle with it now.The greatest challenge is not to lash it at the wall in frustration.

Ding! You’re right! Educational and positive reinforcement – no wonder I was dead good at spelling in school with this gem at home.

Don’t. I didn’t get one of these and to be honest it still hurts. I just wanted liquified E-numbers poured over ice – was that too much to ask ma and da??

. Wait, is that a plastic cupcake? No bish, it’s a doll in a ballgown that smells like cake! I remember when What Everyone Wants (who remembers that gaff) on Church Street had a sale on these and me nan bought me two. Me nan was the best.

I mean she’s still fab today but the doll of choice in the 80’s/90’s was of course, Tropical barbie. Complete with sarong.

What’s better than Playdoh? Playdough that squeezes and oozes through holes durrrr. It was amazing playing with all the vibrant blue and red and yellow playdoh colours… that is until you mixed them all together and they went poo brown.

You knew you were a sophisticated and mature young lady when you got yourself a Secret Diary. Think of all the secrets you could keep! Like your mums birthday and your wake up alarm. There was also some mad hammer game you could play if I remember correctly?

Were you even a 90’s kid if you didn’t have a massive obsession with trolls. The weird looking naked little fuckers.

Who knew working behind a till could be so exciting. We dreamt big back in the 80’s and 90’s.

She was too small to even be a choking hazard, the 80’s and 90’s were wild. A whole doll house system you could fit into your mini handbag that matched your rara skirt and scrunchie.

So you’d started fancying boys but boys your age still thought girls were rubbish. You could live out your wildest fantasies with guys like Chad and Troy (I assume those were some actual names, I never had it, I only played it once at me mates but it was boss).

The latest Disney film on VHS. It didn’t even matter if it wasn’t out on VHS yet because it was still on at the pictures – there would deffo be some fella on the Heritage market selling pirate copies. So ok all through my childhood I thought The Little Mermaid was set in snow until I saw a real copy but at the time I thought it was the bees knees.

/Nintendo. THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER. I spent hours/days/weeks playing Sonic 2. I swear to god no matter how many times I played it, it never got old. I know the 2 player levels so well that even now I have a WII console, with a gamecube version of Sonic 2 and i can beat anyone on it. I am the undefeated world champion. I will have anyone a game right here right now. You can’t touch me.

PS. Soz about you if you only had the Sega Mastersystem.

PPS.  Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right.

The Chocolate money box. Great idea – put 2p in, get a chocolate. Great idea until you figure out you can just keep emptying it and putting the same 2p back in again until you’d eaten all the chocolates within 5 minutes – and to this day I have never seen the refills sold.

Hope you’ve enjoyed 80’s and 90’s Christmas Presents You’ve Forgotten all about… at least when you get your new dressing gown and moisturiser this year you can remember some of the excitement of being a kid at Christmas…

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