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It can be a bit rubbish being pregnant. Everything hurts, everything is uncomfortable and by the final weeks not only do you have to roll around on the bed like a weeble wobble to gain enough momentum to sit up, but you also need help putting on shoes. 👍🏼👍🏼

Do the preggo in your life a favour and treat them to a pre-natal massage. Not only will they be rubbed in the most relaxing, muscle easing (and safe) ways but it’s also a decent opportunity for a nap. And the only people who love naps more than pregnant women are babies.

The Vincent in Southport may have a reputation for being a wag hangout and your resident human oven may feel anything but glam right now but they have a decadent spa with masseuses fully trained in pre-natal massage. This is very important – there are certain pressure points on the body which can trigger labour and contractions, same with essential oils and if you send her to a masseuse who isn’t trained in the art of pregnancy massage it can be dangerous for her and the baby.

Upon arrival she’ll be shown through to a timelessly decorated room full of chaise lounges (which is reminiscent of Frank & Claire Underwood’s townhouse in House Of Cards if you’ve ever seen it. Dark and classic, in other words). She can treat herself to a complimentary hot or cold drink and put her feet up while she fills in the safety forms etc., all while wrapped in a big cosy dressing gown and slippers. Sounding heavenly already right?

The actual treatment lasts around 85 minutes and includes a gentle full body rubdown and even a head massage and body exfoliation. I guarantee that by the end of it, no matter how hormonal and angry she’s been previously, she’ll be totally blissed out and zen.

You can enjoy a coffee downstairs and wag spot while you’re waiting and, as it’s the Vincent, a valet will even park your car for you. Everyone’s a VIP.

So fellas, partners, best mates, mothers – do your beloved pregnant lady a favour and book her in immediately. She’ll be eternally grateful.

Pre-natal massage priced at only £65 – for more information and to book visit their website.



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