Scouse Bird Problems – Can you escape from a locked room? Breakout: Wanted

Posted On: 21/07/2015

By: Scouse Bird

After visiting Breakout for the first time a few months ago and successfully breaking out 💅 obv – we couldn’t wait to try it again.

If you don’t know what Breakout is then read this.

We chose Wanted this time; you can play two versions of this room – cowboys or Indians. My fella has always secretly wanted to be a cowboy (in the gun slinging sense rather than the Village People sense… I hope) so it was a no brainer.

You’re slung into a saloon straight out of the Wild West and the back story is that after a heavy night of drinking some Indians came in and stole your guns and locked you in the saloon. The idea is to solve all the clues, find your guns and escape. Simple right? Not so much.

In the Shipwrecked room we broke out with 10 minutes to spare but even though this time we had a better idea about what we should be looking for we still cut it pretty fine with only 3 minutes to spare at the end. Close one. I can’t tell you anything else without giving away spoilers as to where you might find the clues… and where’s the fun in that?

Apparently the Indian version of the room is to this day 100% unbeaten. I deffo want to try my hand at that next.

For more info about Breakout Liverpool, visit their wesbite. It’s the perfect thing to do when you’re bored of the same old pictures/meal/drink routine and you want to do something totally different. It’s a scream.


Scouse Bird

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