Scouse Bird Problems – Cheats Guide: Curing a hangover

Posted On: 03/11/2014

By: Scouse Bird

“You wake up and find you’re on the waltzers. No wait, you’re actually in bed it’s just that it’s been cleared for takeoff and is flying round the room at 50mph. Yout turn over to find your fella giving you daggers and you realise it might be something to do with the fact you have vomit in your hair and probably resemble a Picasso painting. You crawl out of bed (still in last nights dress) and head to hug the toilet who is now your only friend in the world. Work just isn’t an option. You’re wondering if continuing to exist is even an option anymore. You look over to find your cat is eating last nights vomit and you don’t even have the energy to care. You ask your fella to call an ambulance but he just glares at you and says you deserve to suffer. The gobshite. You vow never to drink again and even the mention of drinking again causes an action reply of the rest of last night’s cheesy chips and mayo. So sly on your life.” – extract from my 6 stages of hangover blog

Sound familiar? Well this can now in fact be a thing of the past. No really. I was challenged by Pout Ltd to try a new product they’d found called “Sober Up”. it’s a herbal shot you take before you go out drinking which stops your hangover. They do say prevention is better than cure after all. You can still get bevvied but it won’t be ‘sick in your hair, lying in the gutter with your legs akimbo’ kind of drunk – one less Scouse bird problem to deal with right? On that note, if you’re out with your mate and she’s reaching the point where she needs to be force fed water and cheesy chips whereas you’ve got 3 hours more partying in you then you can give her one of these instead and as the name suggests it will help sober her up.

Does it work?

Yes deffo. I tried it on holiday and on the nights I drank it I felt absolutely fine the next day. I tried not drinking it one night and the next day I couldn’t even stomach sunbathing and spent the whole day in bed eating over priced pringles. That was valuable tanning time wasted. (seriously though, £9 for pringles)

What does it taste like?

Shit. Well not exactly shit but it does taste like horrible cough medicine. It’s over in a second though, just tell yourself it’s sambuca.

How much is it?

It’s £7 a go so not that cheap like but it’s only really the price of a cocktail and it’ll save you at least £20 worth of dominos the next day and not drunk dialling your ex and crying down the phone to him that you miss the smell of his farts – well, you can’t put a price on that.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy it direct from the website and from stockists around the UK. I believe Voodou (hair salon) are selling it at the moment. Click here to visit the website, they also sell lip voltage and mascara which lengthens your lashes


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