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I’ve done Xmas gift guides for men, for girlfriends, for best friends and even for the home obsessed. I really wanted to do one for kids too but the spectrum of age groups and genders (although that doesn’t really exist anymore apparently) is too wide soooo I decided to just write about what is on Cora’s Christmas list for Santa – if she could write yet. Expect heavy amounts of Disney Princess themed stuff…

I’m genuinely so excited for this Xmas – it’s the first year when she might have a little inkling as to what’s going on with the whole Santa thing, even if she is terrified of him 😂

The Entire Disney Doll Collection

Maybe it’s not cool for kids to play with dolls anymore unless they’re boy or something but we’ve never pushed Cora into any particular direction when it comes to toys but she’s firmly sticking with the stereotype of playing with princesses and babies and prams and if she’s happy, I’m happy. I actually saw this set when it was a prize at Bongos Bingo and I knew there and then she would absolutely lose her shit. I was right – I had it in the office AKA Santa’s workshop and she came in on a surprise visit and saw it. God, that was a tantrum and a half. Available from The Disney Shop.

Personalised Story Book

Continuing with the Disney theme, Cora is at the age where she can’t go to sleep without a story, 3 songs and a serious amount of cuddled so books have featured quite heavily on the Christmas list. I’ve always been obsessed with books and it’s definitely helped my vocabulary and reading and spelling over the years so I’m dead keen on her having tons of books. This personalised Disney Princess story book from In The Book is something I know she’ll love and treasure for years.

An iPad

Maybe I’ll be demonised for this but let’s get with the times people – toddlers these days can use phones and iPads better than we can. Cora (somehow) knows how to find Baby Shark on Youtube no matter what we put on for her. Now there’s a range of educational apps out there that kids love – e.g. the CBeebies apps like Hey Duggee so we’ve decided to get her an iPad (with strong rubber cover) so she can stop robbing our phones. It’s also an absolute godsend in restaurants when she’s getting tired and cranky!

Hey Duggee Toys

While we’re on the subject of Hey Duggee – Cora is absolutely obsessed with him. I’d never even heard of it but there was a series on Netflix and she just made us watch it on repeat “Mummy want to watch the brown one”. Peppa Pig is dead in our house, long live Hey Duggee and his merry band of squirrels. I can’t want to see her face when she gets these cuddly toys and finally gets to have one more thing… a Duggee hug! it must be the dulcet tones of Alexander Armstrong.

Stocking Fillers

B&M are a mine of little stocking fillers – things like a light up jar with a rose in like Beauty & The Beast so she can live in her own dream version of the film. Dressing up costumes that don’t cost aba £100 from the Disney shop etc etc so we’ve got her loads of little stocking fillers from there. I’ve also got her the cutest little Elf door (Santa can get down our chimney – ironic seeing as smoke can’t even get out of it at the moment because the flue is too small, but thats a whole other story!) that the elves can come and visit her through complete with little wish jar and snowdrops.

Christmas Eve Treats…

I’ve found this amazing place on Instagram called The Christmas Eve Box Co and they do the prettiest wooden, personalised Christmas Eve boxes and so we have one with Cora that’s going to be filled with a dvd, a book, some sweets and of course, a pair of pyjamas. Baby Jesus would be turning in his grave if someone didn’t get new pyjamas for Christmas eve. There’s actually an amazing little pyjama shop in Rentaspace where my shop is – I’m addicted to buying her PJ’s. She’s got a couple of pairs of Minnie Mouse ones, Belle ones, Ariel ones, Shimmer & Shine ones and he’s said he might even get Hey Duggee in just for me… (he does all lads ones too). You can shop his stuff online here.

Not bad for Cora’s Christmas list considering she doesn’t now she’s meant to write one 😆

What do you little ones have on their wishlist this year?


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