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I used to work in a phone shop and I had a different phone every month – Samsung e700, Siemens SL55, Motorola RAZR (remember that? 😍) but all that changed in 2009. I was totally sucked in by Apple’s advertising campaign, “There’s an app for that!” No matter what part of your life needed sorting, Apple promised they had just the app. There was even one that made it look like your phone was a pint of lager. WHO DOESN’T NEED THAT??? So, eight years on and I’m firmly #TeamApple, no matter how many chargers I break. Here’s four apps that I actually believe everyone should have in their life…

*aside from the obvious ones like Facebook, Insta, Twitter etc…


This is an app we’ve been crying out for without even realising. We’ve all been in a situation where our favourite hairdresser has gone on holiday and we NEED our roots doing, or we’ve got a spontaneous night out and our nails look like a pack of mangled crackers – rather than having to ring round every nail place or throw out desperate Facebook statuses asking if anyone knows a hairdresser with appointments free, just download the Treatwell app and it automatically tells you what appointments are available in the area. You can even book and pay through the app. BOSS. It’s like my bible I swear.


Some people might think I have beef with taxi drivers, and maybe they’re right. I never carry cash and I really hate having to go the cash machine or save money on a night out to pay for a cab. I know it’s first world problems and all but I like to make my life as easy as possible. I’m also saying that not every taxi driver in Liverpool is an arrogant asshole who just parks wherever they like and drives like a moron, I’m just saying that everyone who parks in the middle of the road WHEN THERE’S SPACE TO PARK RIGHT THERE or who pulls out on you on a roundabout seems to be a taxi driver.

Enter Uber – sure they’re pissing off taxi drivers from city to city, but I’m sorry, they just do it better! There’s a reason why customers in every city love Uber over traditional taxis.

  • You can book through an app
  • You track your ride in real time (so there’s no need to ring up and have an operator lie to you that they’re just round the corner).
  • It’s all linked to your card so you don’t need to have a card or cash on you, it’s all taken care of.
  • You get to rate the driver at the end so they tend to be really nice – some of them even have sweets and water. And they always let you use their charger.
  • You can use the same app in every city in the world that has Uber – I even used it in New York.
  • I’ve never seen an Uber driver park in the middle of the road. Swear down.
  • Don’t believe how good it is? Use my code SCOUSEBIRDBLOGS when you register your app and you’ll get £10 off your first ride. No strings attached, swear down, honest to god, not even messing.


This might be a bit of a controversial one – there’s a lot of chatter and debate about whether or not photo editing apps are ruining our self esteem. As a blogger I do a lot of photo editing and I can’t use photoshop to save my life. The whole suite of Adobe stuff is just too complicated.

Facetune is a boss photo editing app – I don’t use it to make myself a size 8 or anything (because we can tell by the way, we can always tell) but if I’ve got a stain on my clothes (always) or there’s a tourist in the background of my travel photos (gu aweh please) or there’s a bit of rubbish on the floor that I didn’t notice when I was taking the picture then you’re damn right I’m gonna patch that right out.

Another life changing trick I got from Fashernably Late blog – I use the teeth whitening feature to whiten the backgrounds of my photos. My office is all white errr-thing but in some lights there can be a slight yellow or blue hue and it just doesn’t look as nice on photos, so I get my iPencil and my iPad and colour it all in – it’s very relaxing. Best £2.99 I ever spent.

So white, so lovely. Tourists? What tourists?

Another trick for getting good stock photos for a website (the ones with the plain white or black background) without using a professional photographer is to get a mini photo studio.

We have them in the shop and they have their own lighting system and will get you that perfect web image background every time – and if it’s not white enough? Facetune it!


We use this in the office every day to organise all the work – it’s like having a to-do list that you can share with people. I know it’s like an Apple pre-installed app, but this isn’t a useless stocks and shares app, it’s actually boss. If you’ve sent your fella out to do the shopping with a list, you can update it and it’ll share it with him automatically and he can tick things off as he goes. Don’t forget the gin babe.

What about you? What apps can’t you live without? I’m all for a bit of life improvement over here. 😆


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