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“New hair, who dis?” If you’ve ever pondered the thought of getting grey hair (before the age of 60), here’s why and how I did it.

It’s a tale as old as time – go through a break up and go straight to the hairdressers for a terrible cut that you’ll regret for the next 6 months. Really though, who ever thought a fringed bob was a good idea?

While completing all the post break up cliches a few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a radical change, weave wise. Everyone told me I was so silly to bail on my beautiful blonde hair. It was everyone who also told me my ex was a decent lad so I decided to listen to my instinct for once. I took my “mad” idea of grey hair to the colour queen Violetta and she delivered the goods.

Amy Winehouse may have gone back to black but I went straight to grey and here’s how I did it….

She used a Brazilian bond builder B3, which is a bond protector and bond builder similar to Olaplex, but better becauseit doesn’t just keep your hair in a good condition but also keeps the colour to stay longer. It doesn’t extend the process time & is only one step which goes directly to the colour. She also used a semipermanent condition which is a LIFE SAVER for your hair for further treatment. This makes your hair soft, healthier and makes it shine like the top of the Chrysler building. This treatment lasts 12 weeks. B3 products aren’t common in the UK yet but it’s massive in the US and used by the very best hairdressers on celebrities like Kim Kardashian (so it must be amazing cos her weave is always slaying). Violetta is literally the queen of colour (as you can see on her Instagram here) so I trusted her 100% to give me the most beautiful grey hair there ever was. She did several colour corrections including the newest technique, colour melting with a root stretch. I didn’t want to go grey all over and be old before my time, so I decided to go for a really dark root. If you’re going to go for a colour change – REALLY go for a colour change. With this technique you basically get multi toned hair which gives the hair a rich texture and natural colour gradient with no harshness what so ever.

I also went for new hair extensions, because who doesn’t love brand new hair? The hair she used is 100% European human hair. It’s not as heavy as the Russian or Indian hair so they won’t affect or drag on my natural hair roots, meaning they won’t thin them and my hair will grow normally. If the extensions are heavier than your own hair, it will damage the roots and thin your natural hair (this will be most visible on the ends) so that’s why people who wear extensions constantly have such thin natural hair after years.

I was bored of having a big chunky weave at the back of my head which made it difficult to wear my hair in a scruffy bun when I couldn’t be bothered styling it, so I went for individual micro rings this time around. These don’t cause any damage to your own hair – HALLELUJAH!

I honestly couldn’t be happier with my transformation. Violetta is based at Silk Hair & Beauty (facing Old Roan train station) and you can follow her Instagram here to contact her for a consultation.


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