Scouse Bird Problems – REVIEW: Hot Water Comedy Club

Posted On: 08/07/2014

By: Scouse Bird

There’s nothing a Scouser is more famed for than their sense of humour (aside from the rollers and fake tan obv) so what could a Scouser enjoy more than a night of laughter? I went to Hot Water Comedy Club this weekend – it claims to be the funniest comedy club in Liverpool. A high standard to live up to indeed!

In this city we’re lucky enough to have a few great stand up clubs. When you see comedians on the likes of Mock The Week and selling out arena tours, they don’t just appear there overnight; they’ll have spent years touring the country doing stand up gigs at small comedy venues. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the likes of Jason Manford etc. for about a fiver long before they ‘made it’. This is why it’s so worth going to a local night.

At the moment Hot Water Comedy club is based in the Holiday Inn by Lime Street so it’s really easy to find. We were in the smaller room with rowed seating; the front row is really really front so if you like to get up close and personal with the comedians and maybe join in with the show/be victimised then the atmosphere in here is just perfect.

The compere Paul Smith, a Scouser, is absolutely hilarious. Essentially his job is to warm up the crowd and introduce the acts. Liverpool can be a bit insular sometimes “we are a local audience for local people” but by the time Paul has worked his way through chatting to the first couple of rows the whole room is in stitches and we’ll even be prepared to laugh at wools…. and god forbid, Mancs.

For a tenner you get to watch 3 acts and the compere. There was something for every type of humour: the first act (Gary Delaney who has appeared on Mock The Week) was one liners, the second guy (Tom Little) was a bit surreal, the headline act (Greg Cook) was ‘a birra blue for the dads’ and the compere was great at thinking on his feet and interacting. The latter is my absolute favourite style of comedy whereas my fella prefers the one-liners.

Overall it’s a boss night and one I would fully recommend if you’re at a loss for something a bit different to do. Oh and did I mention that your ticket for the comedy club gets you 20% off bevvies at the bar – how boss is that?

For the cheapest comedy night in town you can contact Hot Water Comedy Club:

Telephone: 0777 211 2344
Direct Email:


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