Scouse Bird Problems – REVIEW: Hannahs Bar

Posted On: 15/06/2014

By: Scouse Bird

It’s proper sly that me mum has been married twice now and I haven’t even been married once. I must have got the unloveable gene off me dad so he’d deffo not getting a fathers day card off me now.

Obv I couldn’t be there for her first wedding what with being unborn and all but last year I attended her second one and she had the reception in none other than the Liverpool staple; Hannah’s Bar. I also went there on a first date recently which has turned into a gobshite free relationship, so I’m not saying Hannah’s Bar has magical powers when it comes to love or anything but you can’t argue with cold hard facts. Maybe she should’ve had the first wedding there, alls am saying.

The upstairs bar/restaurant area has floor to ceiling windows affording a fantastic view of Leece St, the bombed out church and students trying to look all cool and alternative. The area is a student bar hotspot. This is the perfect place to watch the sun go down on a summers evening while you drink in not only their new cocktail menu but the fact that you live in or are visiting one of the fittest cities in the world.

I was lucky enough to be invited to preview their new cocktail menu this week and my god, dems some good cocktails. I can thoroughly recommend the raspberry and lychee martini and the ‘Hubba Bubba’ – I also recommend robbing the Hubba Bubba sweet off your fella while he’s not looking cos it’s tropical flavour. Call it payback for future gobshite behaviour, like a punishment savings account.


Foodwise I tried the honey burger and my fella had the goats cheese rigatoni on the recommendation of the bar manager Sophie, they were as foretold…FIT. The pictures speak for themselves. Most items on the food menu are less than a tenner as well so it’s really good value for money.


We visited on a Thursday and they had a live band on downstairs which was great for some mid bevvying entertainment. If you fancy a quieter and more romantic chat there’s the upstairs as I’ve already mentioned.


From the bar staff to the bouncers the service in there is fantastic and everyone has a smile on their face. It’s refreshing to find some proper sound bouncers as opposed to some on some other clubs who have a bit of a god complex….I’ll give you a clue, it rhymes with Barlands. Ahem.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Scrannahs on at Hannahs. Bum bum tish.

Hannahs Bar

Address: 2 Leece St, Liverpool L1 2TR



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