Scouse Bird Problems – How to: Get perfect make up lighting

Posted On: 03/12/2015

By: Hannah Hodgson

When young Harry Potter is looking through that God awful mirror (you know, the scene where he sees his parents and its all lovely and heart warming) that scene would be made ten times better if the mirror was a pretty, shiny, Hollywood style mirror. It would really take the viewer’s attention away from Harry’s horrendous red knitted jumper and vile cords. It would bring a bit of sass to the film, which can NEVER be a bad thing. 


‘Reflections of Me’ have now given all girls the chance to add some fabulous-ness to their bedrooms by selling the new Broadway make-up mirror – a spot on replica of the ones you see in the theatres. Now every girl can have the princess bedroom they deserve (lets face it, who doesn’t want to be a prinny?)

Aside from having the wrong colour foundation, there’s only one thing that can make your make up really really shit, and that’s bad lighting. With these fab Hollywood style mirrors you never need to worry about that again…

Lets reflect (yes, pun intended) on some of Reflections of Me’s amazing Hollywood mirrors:

The Broadway – Black Satin

Keep it simple with the Black Satin (less is more as they say). The good thing with black is that it goes with EVERYTHING, so you have no excuses really – and at £174, apparently you can put a price on perfect make up…

The Broadway – Faux Crocodile

Nothing says sassy quite like faux crocodile. Reflections of Me are giving you an option with this one, and you can choose between black or brown, what more could you want?  Although they’re a little bit more expensive at £198.00, feeling like a princess everyday is SO worth it!

The Broadway – Faux Leather

If leather is what really gives you a kick (you kinky bitch), Reflections of Me are spoiling you here, giving you an option of black, indigo blue or navy blue. Who can so no to that?

The Broadway – White Satin 

Imagine showing off to your mates this sexy, white, clean-looking, satin Hollywood style mirror. There’s no question that they will think it is shit hot and will want to come to your house every day to do their own make-up – after all, what is a prinny without her pristine all-white make up room? (This one is only £174 too!)

Ready, set, go start channeling your inner Taylor…





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