Scouse Bird Problems – Royal Court Theatre: Pharoah Across The Mersey

Posted On: 10/12/2015

By: Hannah Hodgson

If you want a laugh this Christmas, then you should deffo get yourself to the Royal Court Theatre to watch Pharaoh ‘Cross the Mersey. Fred Lawless didn’t disappoint, as he came back to the theatre for the 7th consecutive year with a show that will have you pissing yourself laughing (literally…don’t judge) in seconds!

The storyline sees recently engaged Boris (Michael Fletcher) and Daisy (Hayley Hampson) travel back in time, after Daisy’s engagement gift, a tacky, gold liver bird necklace, turns out to be the ‘lost amulet of eternal power’…basically it makes the stage shake a little bit and they end up in ancient Egypt.

In typical Liverpool panto style there were the cheesy gags, the camp show tunes and, of course, the odd few fuck ups, but a panto isn’t a panto without them!

Lindzi Germain (Queen Nefertiti) powers her way through the production, playing a psycho/evil/gobshite Queen who wants to chop Borris’ balls off so she can sack her own fella off and marry him instead. The cast cleverly play on the fact she’s a ‘fuller figured’ woman, leaving the audience crying with laughter after a VERY memorable performance of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love’…one of the funniest things I’ve seen all year!

Bill (Andrew Schofield) and Ben (Danny O’Brien) are the chuckle brothers of the show, and their witty double act held the production together in my eyes. Not to give too much away, but if you do go and see it, be prepared to see a lot more than you bargained for! You’ll see arses, ‘balls’ and King Tut (Michael Starke) in an all-in-white, 70s style disco suit. Not the prettiest of sites.

From the set (which brilliantly includes a sphinx with a cock for a nose), to the band who multi task and come on stage to perform, the whole performance is incredible from start to finish. The only fault I can say is that it wasn’t long enough! Although I’d usually say 2 hours is too long for a panto, I didn’t want this one to end! Now that’s saying something.

The show is running until the 16th January, so go get yourself a ticket and be prepared to have a boss night!


Hannah Hodgson 


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