10 Inappropriate Things We Should Stop Putting Up With

The world is a weird place. If you haven’t worked that out by now, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s full of weird people with their inappropriate things. If you haven’t noticed that, maybe you’re one of them.

There’s loads of stuff we have to put up with that we really shouldn’t. Think about it, what person in their right mind should be fine with these things happening?

See how many of these things you have to put up with all the time. The cranks are taking over!

1. Saying you should smile more

Ugh. Is there anything that makes you want to go full Wednesday Addams more than this? Don’t get me started on the patronising “you’d look much prettier if you smiled” line. Makes me want to start ripping off heads. This is one of those badly creepy inappropriate things and needs to stop.

2. Touching someone’s baby bump

What is it about being pregnant gets people all touchy-feely? Why are you all of a sudden a Buddha statue, with people rubbing your belly for luck? It always seems to be middle-aged women past the age of having kids who seem to be worst for this. Hands off the bump, Brenda.

3. Not taking no for an answer

This is one of those inappropriate things but it’s so common it goes over our heads. How often have you had somebody insist you have “just one drink”? Or that you MUST try that new place for food, have you been there yet? How about now? And now? Or that you have to see this film, no really, no look, I’ll lend you the DVD, it’s amazing, I promise. It’s my life love, wind your neck in.

4. “Don’t I get a hug?”

No, Sweaty Ken. Ya don’t. I choose who I come into physical contact with, not you. I was hugging my mate from work because she just told me her fella broke up with her at the weekend. It’s nothing to do with you. Now back off before I break out the mace, you bad creep.

5. Using somebody’s name non-stop

Steph, you see the thing is, Steph, it seems like when somebody learns your name is Steph it’s like they’re six years old agin, Steph. They know something other people don’t, right Steph? Doesn’t it annoy you when they say your name every other word, Steph? Tell me that’s annoying, Steph. Steph? Are you annoyed, Steph?

6. Commenting on somebody’s appearance repeatedly

Don’t get me wrong, when somebody comments that I’m looking nice, I’ll take that all day long. But by the second time, I’m already thinking that I have a crank on my hands. Another comment after that, and now it’s like they’ve been staring at me all day. I’m already thinking that they’re fantasizing about wearing my skin.

7. Standing a bit too close

Space is at a premium at somewhere like a gig. Somebody breathing right down your neck there can feel a little rude. But when they have the choice of standing anywhere, yet they’re still in your personal bubble? Respect the bubble, people. The last thing you need is to feel someone’s tit on your shoulder, standing at the bus stop.

8. Taking pictures without permission

You were taking a photo of something behind me? That I just so happened to be in the way of? Oh, you were just getting some signal to send a text? Do one you creep. So I haven’t washed my hair in a week, so what? Get over it.

9. Being too familiar with somebody who’s just doing their job

Whether you’re being nasty or overly nice, it makes me want to be sick in my mouth. If you’re good at customer service, you make the customer feel like the world revolves around them. Unfortunately, some cranks take that as a declaration of undying love. It’s not, you’re just a client. You ain’t shit, love.

10. Facebook stalking

OK, we’ve all done it. But I said that this was a list of common things we put up with, right? If you go on a Facebook stalking spree, especially of your ex… or more than one of your exes… you need to go to therapy about this crank behaviour.

What other inappropriate things need to go? Let me know any that you thought of with a comment!


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