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Do you remember, the 21st night of September?! Or more importantly, the July of 2018, when “Mam! I’m Ere” returned to the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool. Last week, office gals Alex and Beth were invited to see this amazing show, and naturally they wanted to tell you all about it.

The best way for us to describe the play is as a Scouse Mamma Mia, which encapsulates the best of Liverpool humour and throwback music to create a night that you will not be able to forget- the boogie wonderland vibes are real! There wasn’t a member of the audience not clapping, singing along or dancing in their seats as “Ladies Night” blasted from the stage.

The play follows Sally, a young bride-to-be, who lives and works with her father on his failing disco holiday campsite. Like most brides she’s busying herself with wedding plans- the only thing missing is her Mum! By piecing together stories told by her Dad’s two best mates, she manages to track down 3 women from her father’s past, and lures them to the campsite under the guise that they’re competition winners for a glamorous weekend away. We won’t give the end away- but “Mam! I’m Ere” is a heartwarming story that’ll have you laughing your head off and dancing in your seat.

If that isn’t enough to get you buying tickets, it’s worth noting that this is the third time this fab show has played at the Royal Court since 2012, and records show that it’s one of their most popular plays- ooer.

The Royal Court, as always, remains one of the best venues Liverpool has to offer. There’s something for everyone on the menu and the staff are HUNreal. The best bit though has to be that the drinks and sweets on offer at the bar are so reasonably priced, so you’re not gonna pay Tory prices if you fancy a bag of chocolate buttons…

Mam! I’m Ere summed up…

Overall we had a boss night and once again couldn’t fault a part of it! Thank you so much to the Royal Court for having us, and we hope to be back again soon!


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