Scouse Bird Problems – Interview: Jess Wright on bikinis, body image & break ups

The absolutely stunning Jess Wright (and yes, she is just as, if not more stunning in real life) has just launched a fab new swimwear range for Ann Summers (available right up to a G cup) and I caught up with her to talk about all manner of things…

When you signed up to TOWIE did you ever expect to be able to launch your own bikini range? And how does it feel?

No I never imagined it in my wildest dreams, it’s amazing, a dream come true. Especially working with Ann Summers because I love their brand.

What were your inspirations when designing the range and what’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I just went for bright colours really and loads of different styles because everyone has different bodies. And real women as well because we’re not all stick thin like the Victoria Secret models. My favourite is the pink high waisted one because it’s really 50’s and pin up, I didn’t think I’d like it but I love it.

Jess’s favourite from her range 

Being on TOWIE, what is the pressure like to stay in shape? Especially after seeing the flak your co-stars past and present get? (Gemma Collins is regularly ridiculed for her weight and Lauren Goodger has had a very public battle with weight fluctuations)

I kind of feel like I used to do it for the pressure but now I keep in shape for me. I feel at my best when I look my best and I’m at my best weight. There is a lot of pressure but I’ve never really been one to care that much. Plus I need food, I love food!!

What’s your best bikini body tip?

Probably drink lots of water and also body brushing is really good. If you have cellulite at the top of your legs it gets rid of it, it’s really good.

How much input do stylists have on your day-to-day look?

I actually haven’t got a stylist, at all, so none at the moment!

Seriously, how do you get that smokey eye so perfect? Can you do it yourself or is it always MUA’s?

Half and half to be honest, a lot of the time it’s a make up artist, like today I’ve had it done by a make up artist and she’s kind of taught me but I just can’t get to grips with it!

I reckon you’ve got the best smokey eyes in the business.

Aww thanks, yours is really good as well, really good blending!

*nail painting emoji*

Regarding Rickie – When people want to settle down, sometimes they can spend too long trying to make the wrong relationship work, not realizing they’re settling rather than settling down. What’s it like now that you’ve walked away and do you have any regrets?

I haven’t got any regrets in life but at the minute all I can say is that I’m extremely happy and loving life and living it to the fullest. Yeh, I’m in a really good place.

Plenty of former TOWIE stars have gone on to have successful careers long after leaving the show. Are you ever tempted to leave TOWIE and have you got any plans to re-launch your singing career?

Possibly, I have been asked to go back in the studio but I’ve been so busy lately that it’s been hard to pin it down. In terms of leaving TOWIE, when the time comes but at the minute I’m not ready to leave.

What did you think of Rickie’s song?

I’m not ever gonna comment on that.

Me neither

These days we see more and more strong women role models and it’s acceptable for women to be seen as sexual beings. It’s not really taboo to go out and buy sex toys anymore; that being said, would you ever consider your own range of sex toys with Ann Summers? A Jessica Rabbit perhaps?

I think my fan base are too young so I probably wouldn’t. I’m sure it’s right for certain people but no; my fan base is far too young.

If she goes on Dragons’s Den with that I’ll be fuming.

What’s the worst Essex Bird Problem you’ve ever had?

Oh god, I was on stage when I was younger, singing and my pants fell down showing my knickers to everyone! 

Nightmare… let’s hope they weren’t spanx!

Thanks very much to Jess for taking time to chat, her range is available in all stores now, including our fab Liverpool store. Seriously, shout out to the Liverpool store staff, they’re always so lovely! This is my personal favourite from the range, how fit is it please??


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