Scouse Bird Problems – Dairy enthusiasts ‘disappointed’ by Creamfields

Posted On: 29/08/2015

By: Carl Connor

This weekend’s Creamfields event has been hotly anticipated by many festival-goers across the country, with revellers flocking in their thousands.

However, a small pocket of visitors have been left disillusioned by the event, having expected to be treated to literal fields of cream production, rather than dance music.

A number of Creamfield attendees had been hoping to see more about Dairy manufacturing processes.

Maureen, 48, had brought her family down from Cumbria – “The clue should be in the name really. I had been looking forward to the story of how milk gets from the cow to my shredded wheat, but instead I’m surrounded by pissed-up youths”

“I don’t think anyone here cares in the slightest about dairy goods. This is hardly the sort of environment for my teenage boys.”

Maureen’s boys could not be reached for comment as they were ‘off their tits’.

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