Scouse Bird Problems – Interview: Lydia Bright On Her Personal Style Journey

Posted On: 08/05/2015

By: Lauren Foley

Lydia Bright stars in one of the most popular programmes on television. Over the past few years we’ve watched her style evolve in the best way possible. She is classy, elegant and many compare her to Sex In The City’s Carrie Bradshaw – what a complement eh? Here she opens up exclusively to me about her style and clothing store – Bella Sorella. 


1.    How do you feel your style has changed since the beginning of TOWIE?

My style has always remained very feminine and classic. However I feel with each season as trends evolve so does my own personal style.  

2.    Has being in the public eye had an impact on the evolution of your style?

Being in the public eye has given me a bigger chance to try new things and mix things up. I’m very lucky that I get gifted by a lot of brands. I also find it hard wearing outfits more than once because I get pictured so often.  

3.    Have you always wanted to own a clothing store and how much input do you have on the clothes/items that Bella Sorella stocks?

I have always wanted to own a store as my Mother and Nan both had boutiques in East London when I was growing up. I have a lot of input in my business, especially the buying process, as the store needs to be reflective of my own style.

4.    You have previously been named the ‘Carrie Bradshaw of Essex’ do you feel your style lives up to this statement and do your take it as a compliment?  

Carrie is my absolute style icon and I look to her character for inspiration – I take this as a huge compliment.

5.    What makes your store stand out from other clothing boutiques?

When buying for our boutique we try to choose brands that are unusual and exclusive to our store. That way we are offering something completely different to other boutiques.

6.    How does your style differ from other girls in Essex and how do you feel about the stereotype of Essex girls?

Essex girls have a real stereotype of white stilettos and bandeau dresses. I do feel like this has evolved now but that’s never been my look anyway. I’ve always bought into the ‘less is more’ vibe and I love dressing in classic and vintage inspired styles.

7.    If you could give young people who aspire to have a fashion driven career any advice what would it be?  

Do lots of research, seek help, work hard and if something doesn’t work out pick yourself up and try again.


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