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Based on the 2007 film with the same name Once is a beautiful, fun, down-to-earth musical filled with culture, charismatic characters, and some darn catchy tunes that emerge naturally. In place of your classicly sleek shows, you get a musical about real people and the paths they choose. Although we do get a really good choreographed musical number.

The stars Daniel Healy and Emma Lucia play hopeless Dublin busker, Guy (as we know him), and curious Czech pianist, Girl (as we know her), as they meet for the first time and discover their shared love of music. As their passion for music develops so does their passion for each other. Was that a cringey line? It felt cringey.

The set perfectly mimicked an Irish pub with mismatched chairs, walls crowded with random frames, and when they weren’t playing specific roles, the rest of the cast. They line the sides of the set creating atmosphere and naturally breaking out into music composed by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglová, playing everything from an accordion to a fiddle.

You read that right btw, the cast doubles up as both actors and orchestra. As if they weren’t talented enough they’re up there doing the most. Having them play their instruments created an essential intimate and natural feel while curating some major wow factor.

‘Once’ is like the night out you always want when you head out to an Irish pub but never get; Folk music, Irish jigs, and love at first sight with a dreamy-eyed guitar-playing Irishman. It is heartwarming, exciting, romantic, and so funny.

I think this ones for everyone. 


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