Scouse Bird Problems – Liverpool Mayor To Be Sued By Thumb Man

Posted On: 09/08/2015

By: Carl Connor

From Left to Right: Bloke who looks like a Thumb; Mayor Joe Anderson

Popular internet meme ‘The Bloke who looks like a Thumb’ is poised to enter into litigation with Joe Anderson, the first directly elected Mayor of Liverpool, for use of his likeness.

“I’ve been walking round looking like a digit for years, it’s my livelihood”, blubbed Mr. Thumb, “and then this guy comes swanning in with his bling, and he’s putting me out of a job”.

“He’s taking food out of my four children’s mouths”.

When asked if the incumbent had ever offered any royalties, Mr. Thumb replied “No, he’s just palmed me off”.

This isn’t the first time the Liverpool Mayor has been in hot water for impersonating a celebrity; it was only a few years back he was caught trying to get onto to the set of Corrie by claiming he was Fred Elliott.

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