Scouse Bird Problems – The 'Lipstick Red' Hotlist

Posted On: 02/03/2017

By: Scouse Bird

1. Retro Red Microwave -Belling

The amazing thing about kitchen appliances these days is that, for very little money, you can give your kitchen an instant makeover. Forget about statement cupboard doors and splashbacks, keep them neutral and make it all about the appliances. The Belling retro look microwave in red (full spec here) is perfect for blasting the ready meals out while still making sure your kitchen looks as stylish as you are. In fact, the whole retro Belling range is total kitchen goals.

2. Mini Filofax

Being dead organised doesnt mean having to carry round tons of notebooks, to-do lists and diaries, just grab a mini filofax (omg remember FunFax the kids version – LOVED THAT!) and, despite it’s miniature A6 size, you’ve got all the room for everything you’ll ever need. Addresses, receipts, shopping lists, you name it, the Filofax has a place for it and because you can buy new inserts for it every year, the classic leather design means you’ll never need to say goodbye, so at £32 it’s a good investment.

3. Tom Tom Touch Fitness Tracker

Why track your steps when you can track what your body is made of? TomTom Touch makes other fitness trackers old news because as well as tracking steps, sleep and heart rate, it tracks your body composition. Whether you want to be stronger, fitter, leaner or you’re just curious: track what you’re made of, not just your steps. Its built-in heart rate monitor tracks your heart rate throughout the day. In fact, it tracks your activity 24/7: capture steps, active time, calories burned, distance walked, number of times you thought about cake, number of times you wanted to text your ex to tell him what a useless piece of shit he is… well maybe not the last two. It does track your sleep though so you can find out if you’re getting the sleep you need or you’re spending too much time lying awake thinking about cake and your piece of shit ex. It also syncs with your phone and sends you notifications on your wrist informing you of incoming call and texts. So you can decide to stay connected or stay in the moment without having to reach out for your phone – cos let’s face it, if it’s an iPhone, it’s probably plugged in charging anyway. It’s got a bright and easy to navigate touchscreen display and is also water resistant so you can wear your tracker day and night without having to take it off to wash your hands or do the dishes. Plus, it comes in a plethora of different coloured interchangeable straps so you can have one for every mood. We chose RED!

4. Amelia Watch by Daisy Dixon

“What time is it?” “Time to get a watch”. Good one, Dad🙄. While nobody has needed a watch since the invention of mobile phones, it’s time to (get it?) invest in a little wrist wear. It can change your whole outfit and we’re all about the these timeless classic Daisy Dixon watches. And if for no other reason, you’ll be thankful for it when your battery is dead and you need to check just how late you’re running.

5. Wine Lip Tint

We all know someone whose love of wine knows no bounds, and why the hell should it? Take your passion for the fermented grape to a whole other level with this fab tint. Or should that be vino tinto? It comes in 6 gorgeous shades (that all smell just like a freshly popped bottle of wine) and they’ll stay on your lips all day (also kind of like red wine ha!) meaning you’ll has kissable red lips without ending up with lippy smeared all over your grid. Bliss. Video shows shade No.2 Shiraz Red.

6. Jewelled Hairband – Crown Love

There’s not much more you can say about this hairband other than the fact it is JUST FABBBBB! The statement hair piece ‘red royal stones’ can really set off any red outfit and make it that extra bit special. Plus it’ll detract from the copious amounts of dry shampoo you have in your hair all through the week. Everyone knows that hair washing is a weekend sport.


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