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blogger-image-1068466491-3971162When our friends who we’d not seen for ages mentioned they were coming over from France (where they live the lucky things!) for the week we decided to ‘do lunch’.I’d been dying to try Miller & Carter for ages, it always looks so nice when you walk past. My boyfriend has just had a brace thing fitted and can’t eat much so he was fuming when we decidedWhen we arrived we were sat in a lovely booth overlooking the dock. I absolutely love looking out at the dock. It’s mad that in living memory it was just a desolate wasteland. What’s been done there is amazing.The waiter explained that the champagne was on special offer at £25 per bottle and the cocktails were £4.95. Needles to say I’ve just had to sit here and rack my brains for about half an hour just to remember what food I had after we abused the drinks special offers quite a bit! The chocolate orange martini was like a dessert in a glass.

blogger-image-1083062584-6119886For starters I had something delicious definitely! For the main I had the rib eye steak and peppercorn sauce with their famous lettuce slice. I ate all the steak and had no room left for my lettuce. I had a little taste like, and as lettuce goes I can see why it’s famous but there’s no way a girl can favour a leaf over a prime piece of meat.

We were having so much fun we missed our slot on the duck tour…ooops! More champagne please waiter!


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