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Posted On: 03/11/2016

By: Scouse Bird

This month we’re feeling blue. No, we’re not sad, we’re just really feeeeling the colour blue. Not just any boring blue though, it’s got to be bright and it’s got to be ELECTRIC. Electric blue is our colour of the month and we’ve got a hotlist of all the fabbest items out there in this ‘in yo face’ hue. Here goes…

 The Electric Blue Hotlist

The Pen

There just comes a time in your life where you think you know what, I deserve more than a BIC or a free bank pen – I deserve my own fancy pen. There’s a brand called Cross, which do the most amazing stationery starting at about £20 and going up all the way to £6500 for a 21k solid gold fountain pen (!!) (have a look at the gorgeous rose gold pen we featured last month)! The Cross Edge comes in electrcic blue (obv), it’s a good weight apparently (Now that my husband has become a dad, he thinks he has the right to come out with mad phrases like that) and it feels amazing to write with. It even makes my husband’s handwriting neater (and almost readable) so it’s obviously magic too. Just as an added little quirk, you don’t twist it or click it to open it, just just pull it apart… 

The Headphones

Here’s something to make the daily commute a little more bearable. These Skullcandy headphones, the ‘Grind Wireless’ are boss because the sound quality is spot on, they’re light but durable, comfy, cheap, and they come in a range of colours; one option being electric blue! The fact that they’re wireless means no fuming over tangled wires, or worse still, getting your wire caught on something and getting ragged everywhere. Wireless really is the only logical choice for your next set of headphones and these Skullcandy ones are a real beauty.


The speakers

Most people choose what PC/laptop speakers to buy based on how good they sound as opposed to how good they look. This was fine back in the day, when our big boxy PCs were kept out of sight in studies. However, now that our PC’s and laptops are smaller, sleeker and tend to be taken through all rooms of the house, how your sound system looks becomes a lot more important. There’s always the danger of style over substance but that is definitely not the case with the Edifier Aurora. A matte brushed metal tube in electric blue (we couldn’t even get a photo to do it justice, it’s just so gorgeously iridescent IRL) holds the sub-woofer with two orb like satellite speakers; it really looks the part. The sound quality is crystal clear and it reaches bass vibrations and volume levels you just can’t get on in built speakers. If you’re looking for a professional sound system with none of the bulk, all of the portability and ALLLL of the style then the Edifier Aurora is right up your street (and the bright pink is just as sexy by the way).

The webs

You have to go to Zumba and Glow Fit in trainers as bright as the sun, it’s like the law or something. Rock up in a plain white or black pair and you’re just gonna get pity looks. These fab electric blue and pink ‘webs’ by Vionic are not only eye catching but they’re also totally practical; the breathable mesh means no smelly, sweaty feet and the material is so flexible you can dance your way through any moves the instructor throws at you. Plus they’ve been designed by podiatrists so they support your feet in all the right places. Available from

The home decor

An eye catching statement clock is a must for any home. Sure, we can all check the time with our phones but your home isn’t really complete with a timepiece adorning the walls and adding to the decor. This Thomas Kent number is modern, chic and stylish and will certainly look better hanging on your kitchen wall than your current afterthought purchase you got from Argos when you first moved in. The Camden in Indigo blue is such a dream of a colour and will require no filters on your smug Instagram posts showing it off and comes in two sizes, either 12” or 20”. We recommend opting for the large edition because, like with cocktails, bank balances and certain male body parts*, bigger is always better.

*Dicks. We’re referring to dicks in case you didn’t get the not so subtle referencing. Dicks – not beer bellies, boys.

The beauty gadget

We all know cleaning brushes is a massive pain in the arse! Make it that bit easier with the brush egg… in electric blue of course. Slip the brush egg over your fingers and use the ‘washboard’ side to rub the make up off your brushes, making the task that little bit less arduous – I swear you can clean a brish in less than a minute, so now you’ve got no excuse, you dirty mare. Life just got easier.

The locks

If you’re the daring kind, you could always dare to go blue on a more permenant basis. Gone are the days when the most adventurous thing you could do at the hairdressers was get a few blonde highlights, now, only the rainbow is your limit. La Riche Directions are the go to brand for mad coloured hair dye, whatever your mood, they’ve got your colour. Depending on your starting colour, pop Atlantic Blue semi-perm dye on and you could go any colour from tropical sea blue right down to deep electic. ALL BLOODY GORGEOUS! SHARE THIS ARTICLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND TAG EITHER THE SASSY BIRD OR SCOUSE BIRD PROBLEMS AND YOU’LL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAW TO WIN A BRAND NEW FULL SIZE POT OF DIRECTIONS ATLANTIC BLUE AND OPI NAIL POLISH IN ‘INDIGNANTLY INDIGO’


The talons

Of course, if you’re going to have blue locks, surely you’ve got to have matching nails for all those ‘running fingers through hair’ arty Insta selfies? OPI Infinite shine nail polish is the perfect match to have your talons on fleek. SHARE THIS ARTICLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND TAG EITHER THE SASSY BIRD OR SCOUSE BIRD PROBLEMS AND YOU’LL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAW TO WIN A BRAND NEW FULL SIZE POT OF DIRECTIONS ATLANTIC BLUE AND OPI NAIL POLISH IN ‘INDIGNANTLY INDIGO’


The skincare

There’s nothing worse than a thick, oily moisturiser is there? I don’t know how people can use them honestly. Sheila’s All Natural moisturiser from Janiro not only comes in an electric blue tub (which is almost luminescent 😍) but it’s a perfect silky, light texture, full of all natural goodness (being 100% plant based) and of course it’s 100% vegan. It smells herby and amazing and there’s variants for anti ageing, dry skin and normal is. I don’t know who this Sheila character is but she’s fabulous and I’m totally addicted. 

The ‘handy’ invention

Making painting nails easier since 2016 – avoid the drips and the reaching around looking for where the hell you put the bottle this time, with this fab nail polish holder ring. The rings aren’t complete circles so when you’ve finished painting your talons, just lift the ring off rather than having to slide it over your fresh manicure. Grab a nail polish ring here.


Stay blue ✌🏼

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