Scouse Bird Problems – On Yer Bike: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Bike

Posted On: 29/08/2015

By: Zoe Delaney

My experience with cycling as an adult has been very limited; so limited in fact that one of my most recent experiences with two wheels had involved me vomiting out of a moving car and catching an angry cyclist riding past.*

*If this was you one Sunday, by Old Swan, I truly apologise. You may not have heard my original apology; as I was yelling it whilst continuing to throw up the previous night’s tequila. 

However, given that I can’t drive, and quite prone to travel sickness, I decided it was time to jump aboard the Bicycle Bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. I got myself a vintage looking model (complete with bell and basket) from Mango Bikes, ignored my dad’s ‘hilarious’ comments about me needing stabilisers, and hit the road. One week later and I’m hooked – hooked and smug. So smug in fact, I’m on a one woman mission to get you all to rip up your bus passes and strap on a helmet. Here are just 5 reasons why you should get on your bike

Isn’t she a beauty?

1. It’s great exercise

Cycling at a decent speed can burn just under 500 calories in an hour. Swerve those simulation exercise bikes at the gym and get on the actual road – you can’t jack it in after 10 minutes and hit the vending machine so you’ve actually got shot at a decent workout.


2. You can channel your inner fashion blogger

Once you’ve took the plunge and got yourself the perfect push-bike, you have an excuse to trawl ASOS and add cute trainers, backpacks & quirky bells into your shopping basket.

Speaking of baskets; that vintage hamper at the front of the bike is there for one reason only – the be filled with flowers and newspaper supplements purchased on your Smug Sunday bike ride. Bonus points if you manage to get a picture on the docks – hellooooo double figure Instagram likes. Just remember, if you want to live the Smug Sunday life, you need to say goodbye to your Saturday nights of shots and shame – I do not endorse cycling hungover. Not one little bit. 

3. Money saver

5 quid taxi journeys become 15 minute bike rides, and you quickly forget what it was like to be a ‘Bus Wanker’ now you’re swanning round town like Anne Hathaway in One Day.**

** Before she got knocked over by a bus, obviously. 

4. Smug satisfaction 

“Did you bike into work? That’s so healthy. Everyday, too – how do you do it?”

One week of cycling to work and your colleagues will start to think of you as the office Mylenne Klass. Nothing says ‘Having your shit together’ better than wearing matching underwear, but, seeing as you can’t flash your colleagues, swapping four wheels for two has the same effect and you don’t get summoned to HR. 

5. The humble bike is immune to travel sickness and tube strikes

Ever vomited whilst riding a open top tour bus around Barcelona? Nope? Just me then. But I bet I’m not the only one who suffers from travel sickness. Once you get a bike, a weight leaves your shoulders the moment you realise you’ll never have to feel nauseous and faint on an Arriva again. 

And for those of you in London (preaching to the converted, I know) – your bike will never go on strike and disrupt your commute, you’re bike will never punish you financially for forgetting to ‘tap out’, your bike will never leer at your across the carriage and make you feel uncomfortable late a night; your bike is your new best mate! 

What are you waiting for? Get on your bike! 

To get your own gorgeous vintage style bike visit the Mango Bikes website.


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