Scouse Bird Problems – REVIEW: Dibbinsdale Inn and Pesto

Posted On: 28/07/2014

By: Scouse Bird

Living in the modern day paradise that is Liverpool, we forget that travel underwater for 10 minutes and you can be in a whole new world filled with souped up Vauxhall Novas and Renaults with spoilers. I’m talking about the Wirral. In this strange land where the kitten heel is king is it possible to find a place which is a little piece of paradise in its own right?

The short answer is yes. I was invited to come and stay at the Dibbinsdale Inn, in a rather leafy part of Bromborough, which is now home to “Pesto in a pub”. That’s right, the fit Italian food of Pesto but in a quaint country pub setting.

For those who haven’t been to Pesto before it’s an Italian tapas set up. This means that if you’re a greedy cow like me then you can adopt the “Why choose?” attitude and just have a bit of everything; which of course we did. Our waitress Gail was fantastic and funny and an absolute credit to the place.

After the meal we were checked in and shown to our room which had the biggest comfiest bed ever (a super king I’m told). This was boss cos it meant me and my fella could sleep as far away as possible from each others garlic morning breath. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat. I love the Victorian style bathroom too. It’s a good job the bed was comfy as somehow despite managing to pack some pretty advanced make up items (3, yes 3 smokey eye palettes and a contouring kit) I somehow neglected to pack so much as a foundation, a concealer or even a god damn BB cream. I wouldn’t have been happy if my face was dark circle central.

The most important thing that I know you’re all dying to know is yes, they do have free wi-fi and ample plug sockets. It’s iphone user friendly.

As an added bonus you can stop off at Birkenhead docks on the way home from your stay and get this fantastic view.

You can stay at the Dibbinsdale Inn for around £75 per night and Pesto dishes are between £3-5 each…how much your bill comes to depends on how much prosecco you want to down. You can visit their website here.


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