Scouse Bird Problems – The story of the Scouse Bird app


Posted On: 07/05/2014

By: Scouse Bird

You might have heard by now that I’ve released an app with ‘Klinked’ for iphone and android (and if you haven’t, get downloading it right now!)

Realeasing an app was something I’d wanted to do for ages but I wanted it to be something useful rather than something people would just use once and then forget about. I had the idea to put a ‘deals’ section on my website where businesses could offer discounts to my followers without me having to flood my twitter and facebook feed with ads and then I wanted to link that up to a mobile app. Then at a networking event (that’s what self employed people call nights out by the way) I met two local lads who already had an app, and when they told me what their app did I was like ‘Yes! That’s what I want!’. There was no point duplicating something which was already out there so we decided to join forces and help each other out.

So now ‘Scouse Bird Dizzy in partnership with Klinked’ has been released, what does it actually do? Well any business with a venue can sign up to it and they get their own profile on the Klinked app, they can then offer one exclusive Scouse Bird Discount which appears on my Klinked profile and on my website. So I basically go round businesses trying to get the best discounts for you guys at venues I know and love myself. So if you want boss botox or delicious cocktails at a special ‘mates rate’ – get downloading the app and it’s all yours. The app is free to download, you can register using either your email address, facebook or twitter and then once you’re at your chosen venue you’ll be able to redeem the offer you want. Make sure you favourite my Klinked page and then when an offer gets uploaded you’ll get a notification and be the first to know. I’ll also update the ‘deals’ section of my website every week.

Huge thanks to the guys at Igloo who hosted the launch party (and yes they have a Scouse Bird deal on) and Nandos Queens Square and Sayitwithflours who catered the event.

If any businesses would like to offer my followers a discount, please e-mail:


Scouse Bird


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