Scouse Bird Problems – Review: Red Door Cocktail Bar

Posted On: 18/06/2015

By: Scouse Bird

There’s nothing I love more than a good cocktail, but there’s nothing I can’t stand more than a Sex On The Beach and all that it stands for. I hate boring cocktails. When I go to a cocktail bar I want to see something I’ve never seen before and something I can’t get anywhere else. I’ve been to some fantastic places like The Edgbaston in Birmingham and Peruke & Periwig in Dublin who both do cocktails so so well but I’m still looking for one in Liverpool that makes me fall head over heels (and isn’t tiny). In my opinion no one has a big enough menu to compete.

Enter Red Door. It opened in February next door to Tribeca and already no one can remember what was there before (after a bit of investigation it used to be The Metropolitan but seriously no one could remember it!).

The cocktails are delicious, unusual and just the right amount of gimmicky. I love my drinks to entertain me AND get me pissed.

I went round for round with my fella and here are our cocktail champions…

Round 1 – Breaking Badass vs Caramelised Rum Punch

The breaking badass was really pineappley and had a sprinkling of blue sherbert on top I loved it and it looked really well presented but the winner of this round was The Caramelised Rum Punch for sure. It was rum based (dur); the right amount of sweet and with just a hint of watermelon. Watching it getting made was really fun too – they heat the sugar in a pan with what I can only basically describe as a flamethrower… so watch your eyelashes!

Round 2 – Mrs Jones & Send me to Havana

We argued over this one but I’m going to overule that The Mrs Jones was the best because it was grapefruit based and I’m a huge fan of grapefruit. These are both signature cocktails dreamt up by assistant manager of Red Door, Blue. The Mrs Jones is named after his mother as she used to give them grapefruit halves with brown sugar when they were kids – it tastes just like that! The Send Me To Havana he entered into a Havana rum competition and it won him a trip to Cuba so you can imagine how fit it is…

Round 3 – #BigMelons & South Beach Sour

These are both from the new summer menu – the #BigMelons is very watermelon-y and garnished with watermelon. It’s delicious and really refreshing but the definite winner of this round by far was the South Beach sour. Despite being a yellow drink it tastes exactly like red boiled sweets. Fit! I could drink these all day.

Round 4 – Rise & Shine and the Peach and B Smash

The rise and shine won this round – it’s made with dry ice so as you can imagine it’s amazing to watch getting made and it doesn’t have too overpowering a flavour so those who don’t like strong cocktails will love this one. The Peach and B smash wasn’t for us, it tasted like pesto but if you like your cocktails more savoury then it could be right up your street.

Round 5 – Old Smokey & Fizz Your Bean

The Old Smokey is kind of an old fashioned but they have a smoke gun which they use to infuse it with smoke so it tastes really…well… smokey. It was lovely if you like whiskey. The fizz your bean is jelly bean based and it’s lovely if you want a fizzy prosecco style cocktail – very girly!

Round 6 onwards

Was quite pissed at this point so fuck knows? I remember one called a Rhudimental which tasted like rhubarb and came with a custard scented spray and that was pretty cool and one called a Holy Joe’s Singapore Soda which came in a customised tin can and topped with cream. Well worth a try!


If you like your shots to BURN then try a molotov cocktail – it’s Wray & Nephew based and ON FIRE! If like me you’re a bit of a wetbag then try the Crazy Elegance – it was like pineapple juice. Much nicer!

General Info

Cocktails aren’t super expensive – most are between £6.50 and £8 which is really good value for money especially due to the quality of them and the craftmanship that goes into each one. 

They have just opened their roof terrace – perfect for those sunny summer weekends

Red Door is based on Berry Street near China town – next door to Tribeca.

For more info visit their website.


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