Saturday Night Fever: An Evening at The Liverpool Empire

Have you got Night Fever, Night Fever? Then you should be dancing your way down to The Liverpool Empire because it would be Tragedy to miss the spectacular stage adaptation of the classic Saturday Night Fever, marking 40 years since its famous UK cinema release.

Starring former Hollyoaks actor Richard Winsor as Tony Manero, this is the story of a small town boy who just wants to dance. He meets his perfect dancing partner Stephanie Mangano (Kate Parr) and we follow them as they prepare to enter a dancing contest at the local club, 2001.  Although the heavy New York accents are somewhat questionable (“Coiffee” is about the only word they got spot on) you can’t help but feel good watching the show and seeing Tony fight for his future and his girl. It’s an explosive performance with some incredible choreography!

And if you didn’t know, the show features all of the greatest hits from the Bee Gees so you’ll want to Jive Talk straight into Pop World after the show (promise I’ll stop with the puns now). It’s a show that’s guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat, and there wasn’t a single person sat down during the finale!

Of course, the amazing night wouldn’t have been possible without The Liverpool Empire. It remains one of the most stunning venues in the city and the staff are exceptionally lovely and helpful. Whether you’re getting a drink at the normal bar or in the exclusive Piano bar upstairs, you’ll be treated to a wide selection of soft and alcoholic drinks and snacks for all the family.

Overall it was an amazing night and definitely the best show I’ve seen in a while. From the boss music to the incredible atmosphere, this is one that you do not want to miss! Saturday Night Fever is on at The Liverpool Empire until Saturday 15th September, and you can grab tickets online.


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