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The bodyguard film is a 90s classic. It’s not just a timeless romcom it’s got sex, grit, drama, boss songs and best of all Whitney and a kinda fit Kevin Costner. When the musical was coming to the Empire in Liverpool I knew it was going to be a must see. The cast featuring Alexandra Burke was a strong one and all the ingredients were making for a fab show.

The show starts quite literally with a bang and from the moment it starts you are taken on a journey built with tension that all adds up to the dramatic finale of Alexandra’s rendition of I Will Always Love You where you could almost hear a pin drop if it weren’t for the echo of Liverpool ladies singing their hearts out with her. Alexandra Burke, played the part of Rachel Marron and gave an outstanding performance, her rendition of I Run To You nearly reduced me to tears and her relationship with her onscreen sister played by, Micha Richardson was as authentic as a true sister relationship gets when one is pushed to the shadows. Think Beyonce and Solange.

The set was brilliant, constantly changing and moving and let’s just say the lighting was a dream, think the best selfie light ever! The ensemble were strong and they had their work cut out for them with dance routines like I’m Every Woman which gave Alexandra a chance to show off some of her Strictly moves.

The show is paired with a video projection that manages to enhance the storyline of the show without overshadowing it and this is where we meet the creepy AF ‘stalker’ or let’s just call him ‘The Body‘ (Phil Atkinson). Jesus wept, honestly, he reduced the women and some of the men in the audience to a hollering, whooping mess. He was proper fit like and not a bad singer either. Rachel’s bodyguard Frank Farmer was played by Benoît Maréchal and deserves a mention too. His performance as the strong macho type was well delivered and the chemistry between him and Alexandra was on fire.

Stand out parts of the show for me took place in the dingy karaoke bar, listening to the 3 girls singing Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Totally reminiscent of a drunken night out in Woody’s and hearing Frank’s tone-deaf version of I Will Always Love You made me literally LOL.

This isn’t a sing-along show of Whitney’s greatest hits, it’s a full-on production with moments of all the glitz and glam of a live concert. Perfect for a feel-good night and I guarantee by the end of it you will be up in your seat dancing if you aren’t one of the cranks who try to make an early getaway to miss the traffic!

The Bodyguard is running until the 9th March at Liverpool Empire and you can buy tickets here.


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