Liverpool Walker Art Gallery: Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Mackintosh exhibition at Walker Art Gallery Liverpool. Images by Gareth Jones

There’s something a bit romantic about art galleries. This isn’t the place you get taken on a first date by some wrong’un you’ve met on a night out, no this is the place you go to meet the love of your life while going, “Hmmm” thoughtfully at paintings. We’ve all seen the films; art galleries are always the start of great love stories, whether it be falling in love with a painting or falling in love with a date.

With that in mind, if you’re struggling for ideas for something to do on your next date then I’d seriously consider the Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery. The building itself is utterly stunning and you’ll find all kinds of famous painting there such as THE Henry VIII one. You know the one. If you think of Henry VIII I guarantee that this is the painting you’re thinking of and it’s right here in our very own city, bet half of you reading this didn’t know that.

They also have amazing one off exhibitions on and that’s what I’m actually here to talk about. The exhibit they’ve just launched is a celebration of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and I went along to the launch evening to get a first glimpse. Now you might think you’ve never heard of Mackintosh, but I promise you, you have. He basically is the art nouveau movement.

If you’ve seen 1920’s and 30’s stained glass roses and twisted jewellery then you’ve seen his work. If you’ve ever seen the font on American Horror Story, then you’ve seen Mackintosh’s work. He is everywhere and you may never have realised.

Recognise this font?

The Mackintosh exhibition contains a mixture of his furniture designs (I guarantee half of you will deffo have had a Mackintosh inspired dining room set at some point), his posters, his stained glass and his drawings and paintings along with selected items from other artists who worked alongside him in the Glasgow School. As well as his famous and not so famous pieces, it’s also a chance to find out loads of interesting information and stories about this Glaswegian fella who went global. He was a bit of a sort as well to be honest.

A famous Mackintosh chair design (available to view at the gallery) and a modern inspired dining set

Swap out ghetto golf for a bit of grown up culture and you’ll deffo be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy yourself. There’s definitely something sexy about having to behave yourself in the quiet space full of art lovers, but stealing secret, flirty looks and whispering funny comments to each other. There’ll even be some laughs along the way for the inner child in you as some of his work is… phallic to say the least, and his roses give Georgia O’Keefe a run for his money on the vagina front. See, after a walk round the Walker you’ll be ready for that sexy ‘Wanna come inside for a coffee?’ line in no time.

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh exhibit runs until 26th August 2019 at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery.

Tell me what you see!

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