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If you are planning your wedding, then you will know that although the wedding ceremony is something that is special, and of course, the crucial part, the real fun part is planning the wedding reception. It is where you get to celebrate with your new spouse, with all of your loved ones, and you get to eat, drink, and be merry and dance. And if you want to make the reception fun and memorable, then make sure that you think about incorporating some personal and unique touches to help to keep your guests smiling. So here are some ideas to help to inspire.

Think Wisely with Seating

It may sound obvious, but it is important to take extra care when you are making your seating arrangements at the reception. If you want people to enjoy the reception, then thinking thoughtfully can be a really good idea. Think about who knows each other and if they don’t, what kind of things do they have in common? They are there for you at the end of the day. But for things to go well, you need to think about seating people together so that things won’t be awkward, and that can actually be enjoyable.

Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts are something that is a must, but it is important to remember that it is quality over quantity. So for those people that will be making a toast, make sure that they are guided to keep their speech fairly short. People will want to get on with dancing, rather than having to sit and listen for a long time to speeches and anecdotes. 


A wedding reception has to have dancing, of course. So you need to make sure that the music that you choose is on-point. You could choose a variety of entertainment ideas for your wedding, but getting the music right is a must. If you are choosing someone like a band or a DJ, then make sure that you speak to them in detail about what you want in terms of music, and what your expectations are.

Shake Up Your First Dance

Speaking of music, your first dance is going to be something pretty special. But because all eyes are going to be on you for it, it is the perfect time to do something fun and unique so that you can surprise your guests. You can start with a song that is quite romantic and slow and then half-way through it could move into something a little more upbeat that you and your other half have practiced together. It can be fun and great for your wedding video and for guests to join in with.

Alternative Way to Serve Food 

If you are looking for something a little different to a classic seated three-course menu, then you could go for smaller dishes and do something fancier with five courses, for example. But you could always think about having a buffet instead, as well as having something like food stations for people to be interactive with the food, like a caramel apple bar or cookie and milk station.


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