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When you were younger, you probably didn’t have much need for a diary. Your school planner had all the dates you needed, after all, and your social life wasn’t exactly jumping. As you reach adulthood, though, you may find you have much more need for an organized system. You’ll have to make a note of work engagements and meetings, and may even find that setting a date on your calendar is the only way to make time for your mates. 

In the old days, getting on top here would have meant finally investing in wall calendars and physical diaries. You might even have needed a different diary for every area of your life. There’s no need for that now, though, and it’s all thanks to digital alternatives.

Digital calendars are all the rage, with Google, Apple, and Microsoft all offering variations. Opting for one of these instead could benefit you in a multitude of ways, and we’re going to consider some of them here. 

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You can never ‘forget’ this diary

If you’re anything like most, you probably always have at least your phone to hand. As such, there’s a lot less chance of you ‘forgetting’ your diary when you go digital. You’ll be able to access it when you’re out and about or in the office, all without carrying around a chunky planner. Instead, you’ll be able to open your online calendar at a moment’s notice and insert a date before it slips your mind. Even better, internet connection and a password should see you able to connect to your calendar on any device. You’ll never need to go without again!

Dates will automatically add across devices

We’re in the age of connectivity. Google Chrome can now connect near anything you do on your computer. As can be seen on, even Microsoft Edge is catching up with a Mac-friendly release which allows you to integrate across operating systems. That means you can connect all your activity, ensuring dates add straight to your calendar. If you book tickets online, for instance, they’ll automatically appear on the right day. In some cases, you can even connect your email account to ensure any appointments made in your outlook account also appear on your Apple calendar. It’s magic, and it ensures you never need to miss a date again. 

You’ll be doing your bit for the environment

It’s also vital to take responsibility for the environment right now and, as can be seen on sites like, paper is pretty damaging. But, guess what physical diaries and calendars are made from? If you want to do your bit for the environment, then going digital with your organisation is a definite step in the right direction. Across your lifetime, you could do a great deal more good this way than might realise.

As if all these weren’t benefits enough, digital calendars are made for ease of use and practicality. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bring your planning methods into the modern-day! 


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