Scouse Bird Problems – Statistically, at least half of one of The Beatles is gay

Posted On: 26/08/2015

By: Carl Connor

A number of surveys and reviews into the LGBT population of the UK have revealed that around one in eight of us are gay.

Using this data, mathematicians have established that 50% of one of the Fab Four must have been homosexual.

Statisticians have established that at 12.5% of the Beatles will have been gay

There’s no way of establishing from this information which half of which Beatle was gay, but a number of fans have had their say:

“It’s clear to me that the bottom half of Ringo was always the most flamboyant” – Claire, Otterspool

“The Right side of Lennon was definitely straight. The Left? I’m not so sure…” – Daniel, Chicago, Illinois

“Technically, it could be one of Paul’s arms and one of George’s legs, let’s not rule that out.” – Toby, Gateacre

We may now never know which Beatle fraction was gay, however music theorists have suggested it may give new meaning to Octopus’s Garden

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