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Most of you will have heard people mention ‘The Secret’ at some point, but what actually is it? It’s a tough one to explain really without experiencing it yourself but it’s certainly something I would highly recommend. On a most basic level it’s a book by someone called Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction and how we can use it to manifest things in our daily life – basically anything we want. If you think about it, absolutely everything you can see or feel or whatever in the world is made up of atoms. You’re made up of atoms, the phone you’re holding is made of atoms, the chair you’re sitting on is made of atoms and they’re all vibrating with energy at different frequencies…so GCSE Physics led me to believe anyway. The theory is that your thoughts are energy vibrations and by changing your energy vibrations you can attract anything you want to you based on the law of attraction, whether it be a new job, money, a man who isn’t a gobshite (still working on that one) or even just a new pair of shoes or something.

I can’t say whether or not this is a load of bullshit but all I can say is that since immersing myself in the teachings and theories of it my life has dramatically changed. If you’ve been following the @scousebirdprobs twitter account from the beginning you can probably see that and see all the amazing opportunities that have come my way all, I believe, through the power of positive thinking. Even if it’s all a load of shit and things that have happened in my life have all been coincidences it teaches you a way of having an outlook on life which I guarantee will make you a much happier person. If you ask my friends and family they’ll probably tell you that they’ll never find me moaning or worrying or even sad – I would say about 95% of my day, perhaps even more, I’m deliriously happy. If something happens to me which makes me sad or I spend time in the company of someone moaning it actually feels really, really strange and uncomfortable to me whereas I’d say the average person probably doesn’t even realise what they’re feeling half the time. I went through a bad break up and I just couldn’t shake feeling miserable so I knew I had to do something in love to change the ‘thought frequency’ that I was on. I went and bought a homeless man some food and drink, something which I had never done before and although it probably made his day/week I would certainly say it helped me more because I felt so good I was nearly crying. I tweeted about it and it snowballed into this massive movement around the country for buying homeless people food and coffee etc. That one decision I made in a split second had a massive ripple effect of kindness. I can’t feel sad about that and re: the break up, I never looked back.

The Secret

Gives you the foundation of the law of attraction and teaches you that your thoughts become things. The mantra is ‘Ask, believe, receive’ – ask the universe for something, believe it’s already yours, then finally receive it. This book was great for opening you up to a new way of thinking but just believing something is really easier said than done. This book definitely started to make me a more positive person and a few nice things started happening but I can’t say I noticed any massive changes in my life. Buy it from Amazon here.

The Power

This is the sequel to The Secret and in my opinion is the best one. It’s not 100% necessary that you read The Secret before The Power but I’d definitely say to do it. Whereas The Secret tells you what to do, I would say The Power tells you HOW to do it, since reading The Power in August this year I would say that’s when things began to massively shift for me. The basic notion of it is that you should LOVE everything you want in your life passionately and be indifferent (not hate) to the things you don’t want. Love and hate are both powerful emotions and the law of attraction can’t distinguish between them so if you hate something you’re attracting more of it into your life just as if you love something you’re attracting more of it into your life. My friends and family are used to me coming to them with stories of ‘I was thinking about that and then I got an e-mail about it’ or ‘I really wanted to go here and then I won a holiday in a competition’ – I just believe I’ll get stuff and I always do. I wanted a dress from Karen Millen and it was sold out online and in all stores around the country, I happened to check back online yesterday and it was in stock, but only in my size, so I bought it. I checked again after I’d bought it and it was sold out again. Co-incidence? Maybe, but it happens so often I’m not sure I believe in coincidences anymore. Buy it from Amazon here.

The Magic

This gives you daily exercises which help you be thankful for all the good things in your life therefore multiplying your feelings of love and gratitude which in turn multiplies the good things that come into your life. There are 28 daily exercises to complete. I started this about a month or so ago but I was so busy that I kind of lost track of it but I plan to start it again. The first exercise tells you to ‘count your blessings’ and you have to think of 10 things a day that you’re thankful for. The first day I did this I burst out crying (I swear I’m not normally an emotional wreck) with happiness because one of the things I was thankful for was the fact I was able to buy my hans house when she died and its also the house my mum grew up in and that I spent a lot of my childhood in so it’s got a lot of happy memories for me. Anyway, getting through ‘The Magic’ is definitely on my to-do list for 2014. Buy it from Amazon here.


This is the newest one from Rhonda Byrne and if I’m honest I have no idea what it’s about but I downloaded it as soon as it came out. It’s on my Kindle ready and waiting to be read – I have complete faith that it’ll be just as good as the others. Buy it from Amazon here.

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, I’d still definitely recommend reading these books even if it’s just to make you a happier person who’s more appreciative of the life they have and how lucky they are. You haven’t got anything to lose after all.


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