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I was invited down to London to attend Pure – a fashion event where hundreds of brands such as Forever Unique and Party 21 showcase their new SS14 collections. Yes…read more →

I recently went down to London for the weekend, I go about once a year because it’s a great night out and it’s always good to do something a bit…read more →

  Kamique We tried a little bar/restaurant a couple of minutes’ walk from Leicester Square tube station so right in the middle of a lively touristy part of London. The bar was…read more →

I’ve been invited by to write a blog about being spontaneous. I like to live my life by the Dr Pepper slogan; what’s the worst that could happen? I’m not even…read more →

Now that I’m depressingly back from holiday I thought I’d do a holiday related blog to get you all in the mood for booking the next one. Firstly no matter…read more →

This week I have spent all my time celebrating my fellas birthday and stressing out about moving house. For those of you who’ve never bought a house, this is my…read more →

Well apologies it’s been so long since I last updated. When I left you hanging I’d just arrived in Cancun and had made some vague commitment to try and blog…read more →

I’ll be honest so much is probably gonna happen on this holiday that I’ll need a blog entry for every day. I can’t promise I’ll keep up with that but…read more →

So I’m sat here in the airport lounge (VIP obviously it’s the only way to fly) waiting to board our flight to Cancun and got to reminiscing about previous adventures…read more →


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