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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years you’ll almost certainly have heard of the 50 Shades of Grey franchise. It caused a storm because all of a sudden there was a mainstream book which wasn’t afraid to talk clits and orgasms while still maintaining a semblance of a plot line. Basically, it was porn for women.

While it had women everywhere stocking up on batteries and snarling their fellas for being shit in bed, the general consensus was that despite the adult content it was all a bit saccharine sweet and well….a bit tweeny. It was like the Twilight Saga but with more dicks. Listen girl, it’s a fanny, stop calling it ‘my sex’ you’re making me want to spew.

When a local girl (localish, she’s from Warrington so technically a wool but I’ll let it slide) Emily Rose Chriscoli told me she’d written a dirty book I jumped at the chance to give it the once over and have a bit of ‘me’ time. I also alerted my fellow pervs.

I have to say I was gripped from the outset. There’s nothing more frustrating than a badly written book. I once tried an Amazon pick of the week; “No one ever has sex on a Tuesday” and I was close to writing to the CEO of Amazon kicking off for daring to recommend it. It was, in short, shite.

The thing with Emily’s novel is that it has a genuine, believable, relatable plot. The characters are laid out before we get down and dirty so to speak. Sex wise, there’s something for everyone; the boring “I can’t actually stand you even though I’m in a long term relationship with you” sex, the “one night stand with a hotty” sex and hell, even the odd girl on girl encounter. All of which (apart from the first one, naturally) are enough to get any red blooded woman all steamed up.

I won’t go into plot at all as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but basically it ends on a huge cliffhanger. Emily assures me it’s designed to be a trilogy with the next instalment being published in January 2014.

Emily’s book can be downloaded for Kindle here – If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the Kindle app for your smartphone for free.

A note from the author:

“I suppose I was first inspired to write Vee for Victory when I read the 50 shades books and was very disappointed. There had been such a hype about them but the storyline was just too far fetched for me. A woman in her twenties, who was a Virgin, not for religious reasons but because no one would go anywhere near her… Then she meets someone who not only is drop dead gorgeous but also happens to be a billionaire? And all he wants is her?

after speaking to friends and family, I had decided to get writing about more believable characters. Caitlin is a girl who certainly isn’t a virgin! And of course, it was set in good old England. 

I’ve had a great reaction to the book. After three days of it being on sale, it was Amazon’s number one best seller which was just unreal. People all over the world have wrote to me about the book – including one man from Kentucky who asked me to read the book to him naked for a grand! ”


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