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Everyone remembers the pictures of Kim Kardashian with blood all over her face following a Vampire facelift. It might be a bit gruesome but I tell you what, it’s sticks in your head! My opinion is that the most controversial beauty treatments tend to be the most effective. I mean once you’ve used one moisturiser you’ve used them all, I want to see my beauty treatments in action! I posted a picture on Instagram of my face covered in blood and naturally everyone wanted to know all about it.


I recently went for a new derma roller treatment. It basically boils down to a beautician rubbing a roller covered in little spikes all over your face. Think medieval mace. Before you ask, no, it didn’t hurt. She used numbing cream beforehand, the same stuff they use when tattooing your eyebrows. The little spikes pierce the top layer of skin (so there’s a little bleeding), the trauma of which causes collagen production to go into overdrive. Collagen is the stuff which makes our skin plump and youthful and unfortunately it’s levels deplete as we get older. The derma roller forces levels to step it up a bit.

I get 3 areas of botox (I’m only 28, but prevention is better than cure) so my forehead and eyes are pretty youthful. I am starting to get laughter lines ever so faintly so I’m really interested as to how this will affect them. A course of 3 treatments is recommended for the full effect and of course depends what you want to achieve. I don’t have a huge issue yet with my skin so for me the difference won’t be massive. Saying that, after only 2 weeks a few people have come up to be telling me how amazing my skin is looking so it must work!

I will definitely go back in 6 weeks (treatments MUST be 6 weeks apart to allow for the collagen production to run its course and settle down) as Clair told me that you can also used derma roller to stimulate collagen production in your hands. I think the hands are a dead giveaway to a woman’s age and after one too many summers battering the sunbathing, my hands could deffo do with a little youth injection.

Look out for a competition soon to win your own derma roller session worth £200 – currently on offer at CL Beauty @ Herberts for £140.


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